US Airlines and American Airways Scam For 2 Roundtrip Tickets

American Airways Scam Letter For 2 Roundtrip Tickets

We received an envelope that appeared to have our home address hand written (upon further inspection it was obviously from a printer). I immediately thought something was fishy since there was no return address. Also, it was postmarked from Phoenix, Arizona.

For laughs, we opened it. The letterhead said “US Airlines” with the caption “Fly the US Skies”. Now, I used to travel a lot in my previous life (before my child came along) and never heard of US Airlines. Sounds like someone is trying to be clever with a cross between US Airways and United Airlines. Here is what the letter indicated (see below).

NOTE: You must respond no later than April 13th, 2011

Dear X,

I am pleased to inform you that you have qualified for an award of 2 roundtrip airline tickets. Congrulations. These tickets are valid for travel anywhere in the Continental U.S. from any major international airport. The retail value of this award is up to $1,400.00. Certain restrictions apply.

We have attempted contacting you several times without success. This is our last attempt. If we do not hear from you soon, we may need to issue the ticket vouchers to the alternate.

Please call me today at 1-866-220-2310.


<printed signature that is supposed to look like ink>

Charlene James

Vice President

The bottom of the letter also had reference numbers (consisting of two letters – five numbers) as well.

Stuff like this makes me furious. I didn’t even waste time calling, but instead decided to make it public just incase anyone else receives a similar letter! I googled it and sure enough, there are tons of people out there reporting these scam letters. In exchange for credit card information, they are promised round trip tickets which are NEVER received! Don’t fall for this stuff. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is!


August 2011 UPDATE: A kind reader sent me the following photos of the travel voucher received. While this is not what my letter looked like, I wanted to share since the company is trying to be more creative with their scam tactics!

**July 18, 2012 UPDATED company name, letter and details!**

Today, I personally received an updated letter, this time from American Airways which is obviously NOT a legitimate airline. The Vice President on mine is Meredith Loya.

I have actually received threats from those involved, they want me to take this blog post down yet I just received their updated fake letter to share and save thousands of people from falling for it!

Without further adieu, here’s the actual letter I received!

“NOTE: You must respond no later than July 25th, 2012.

Dear Jessica,

I am pleased to inform you that you have qualified for an award of 2 roundtrip airline tickets. Congratulations! These tickets are valid for travel anywhere in the Continental U.S. from any major international airport. The retail value of this award is up to $1,398.00. Certain restrictions apply.

We have attempted contacting you several times without success. This is our last attempt. If we do not hear from you soon, we may need to issue the ticket vouchers to the alternative.

Please call me today at 1-866-514-9758.


Meredith Loya

Vice President”

And here is an image of my actual letter! I am located in Orlando, Florida.


 American Airways Scam Letter For 2 Roundtrip Tickets

August 2012 updated information:

  •  $1400 fake travel check received in Texas. Signed by Renee Cast at 866-481-2535. This was followed by an urgent package pickup notice, informing recipient to call within 72 hours for ticket number 727 at the Distribution Center at 888-267-1898.  She was further informed that this offer was seen on CNBC, Fox Business, and the Travel channel, and that it was not  a timeshare or land sale offer.  The notice was supposedly sent from West Palm Beach Florida, but the article sender was posted as AirMarriott PKG, somewhere on HW 21, in Covington, Louisiana.”

September 2012 updated information:

  •  Received in Daytona Beach, Florida from Dana Kline, Vice President at 1-866-345-9853.

October 2012 updated information:

Received emails from people who have received additional letters. Please note the new Vice President names that are being used!

  • Readers in Daytona Beach and Indiana have received an identical letter from Dana Kline Vice President dated September 24, 2012.
  • Another reader (location undisclosed) received one on October 1, 2012 from Margaret Fultz Vice President.
  • Received in Chicago, IL from Cindy Kuhn, Vice President.
  • Fake travel voucher received in Indiana, recipient noticed the following disclaimer “This travel certificate must be certified to be valid“.  It does not have a certified sticker obviously.

November 2012 updated information:

  • $1400 award notification “check” signed by R Lue.
  • Another one received from Jamie Cape, Vice President and postmarked from Phoenix, Arizona.


January 2013 updated information:

  • Received in New Mexico, came as a tri-folded, computer-generated letter (tear tabs off each end to open with black privacy design on the back). Postage was from Tampa, Florida with Dana Kline, Vice President at 1-855-879-8217.
  • Another person received a letter from GVN “Global vacation network” of Clearwater, FL and US Airlines, from Vice President, Dana Kline. Phone #1-855-879-8217.

And to all those commenters (most likely paid by Global Vacation Network or Global Travel Network to sway opinions) who said “did anyone actually go to a presentation” and “do you get free round trip tickets”. Here you go, we finally have proof this is 100% untrue! A lady attended her presentation in Denver, Colorado to see what the deal was with the $1,298 voucher she received. Here is her words (I have NOT edited in any way and she granted permission for me to post).

“I received a similar letter in the mail (attached), and my curiosity got the best of me.  I’m from a PR background, and…I don’t know, I was curious how they scam people.  My boyfriend is a law student, and we had a dinner planned nearby in Denver, so I convinced him to go with me.  I took pictures while we were there (attached in follow up email), and the place reeked of scam.  It was in a seedy building around 9:30pm, they played awful luau music, and the couples were all older and/or clearly from a lower socioeconomic bracket.  There was a session underway in the backroom where they were walking the couples through some bogus looking travel website on a computer that appeared to be from the 90’s.  We stuck out like sore thumbs and right before the session started they pulled us out to have a ‘chat’ in a private office.

We were told that they had ‘overbooked’ and we would need to reschedule.  I protested, and told them we confirmed, had a verbal and written agreement from them, and we had upheld our end of the bargain.  They clearly had not overbooked, but didn’t seem keen on having a lawyer in the room.  I continued to protest and the lady tried to usher us out with a coupon to a bunch of shoddy hotels that has so many stipulations that NO ONE would actually use it (attached in follow up email), and a bunch of analogies that made no sense (she referred to airline overbooking and giving vouchers, to which I explained that airlines give REAL vouchers for money for REAL airline tickets, something she was not offering).  I also swiped a business card when we were waiting in the office (attached in follow up email) with a URL that led to this:  Clearly a website of the utmost professionalism.

I don’t know why I pushed on, I knew it was a scam before we walked in, but there was something so wrong about the whole thing that incensed me.  Many of the people there looked like they don’t have internet at home to check on these types of things, and the urgent date probably led them to call. I think that they have them show a valid credit card (you can cover the numbers when you show it) not for identity theft, but to ensure that these people have credit lines they can use to waste their money on this scam.  Yes, the scam should be obvious as it is ‘took good to be true,’ but millions of American were issued housing loans that were too good to be true, and the collapse of the housing market shows us that we are easily fooled.”




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2,351 Thoughts to “US Airlines and American Airways Scam For 2 Roundtrip Tickets”

  1. Tom

    The scam continues. I did a reverse lookup on with the phone number and came up with “Sorry, we could not find a match.”

    The BBB is also reporting this as a scam. See

  2. Connie Trahern

    I am so glad I googled this. My husband got a letter Just exactly like the last one you posted, stating we had until 8/22/12 to respond. The same name and Joanne Cane and same phone number.

    Thanks for putting this out there, I was going to call and take my husband somewhere special for Thanksgiving weekend!

    Connie Trahern

  3. Bill

    I’ve received 2 of these scam letters from Joanne Cane VP of

    US Airlines I have to respond no later than Aug22 this time to receive

    a up to $1,298.00 award

  4. BB

    I’ve received 2 of these scam letters from Joanne Cane VP of

    US Airlines I have to respond no later than Aug22 this time to receive

    a up to $1,298.00 award

  5. Jan

    My husband just got one from Stephanie Bay, VP of American Airways….must respond no later than 8/22/2012, phone # listed was 1-866-568-8398. Code at bottom KG-65563, which is probably the way the various poor folks sending these out get paid….This is a two way scam. The folks sending them loosing $$$ for the stamps & time, and the folks falling for it.

  6. John

    The tip-off for me was the hand-addressed envelope, with no return address. I opened the letter just for fun. Not only is American Airways bogus, but the quality of the ‘letterhead’ is so crappy it would take a major moron to fall for this. I guess that’s who they are ultimately looking for, right?

  7. Sylvia

    Got a US Airlines letter in the mail today in Derby, Ks.The format and content are the same as everyone else’s letter, with a deadline of August 22nd, 2012. From none other than VP Joanne Cane. 🙁 Wish I would really win something.

  8. Zandra

    I’m so glad I googled this first. Yes my husband also recieved his final notice for a travel check voucher in the amount of $1,400.00 must be redeemed by August 23, 2012. The check voucher number is KM20070. The authrized signature on the voucher is Linda Rey.
    Call US Airlines 1-866-569-5084.
    Bogus! Bogus! Bogus!
    Please don’t fall for this scam. Why are people so evil?!!!!!!

  9. Bruce

    I got one of the same letters with a deadline of August 27th. Just for fun I call them and listened to a recording from a woman with an English accident. Seems funny that US Alines would have an English voice. A woman came on and said she needed the claim number on my letter. I asked to her to tell me how this works before gave her the number because I figure that will tie it to me and my home address. She said that “this is an awards center’ and they worked for a lot of different airlines. I told her no and hung up. This is a scam!

  10. Jack

    Received US Airlines letter today. Called and they said it was a promotion for a local travel agency. They set a 90 min appointment for me and my wife. Thank God i googled this like many people and found its a scam.
    I live in Charlotte, NC

  11. Roxy Foxy Lady

    8/22/12: i also rec’d almost the same letter with a deadline of 8/23/12. Glad I goggled it first. It did appear tempting at first, but I remember what my mom always said “You dont get nothin for nothin”!

  12. Jess

    Thanks for posting this. We got the same crap (US Airlines with jeanine cane as Vice President). It looked fishy with the handwritten address and no return address!

  13. KT

    Same letter different airline. I knew it was a scam but was interested in what others had found. Glad I looked it up as well. Thanks for all the posts.

  14. BD

    I received a letter today with the address handwritten and no return address. It looked very fishy, but I opened it anyway just to see. It had a very unofficial looking logo of US Airlines and was from Joanne Cane, Vice President, so I immediately did a search for a scam. No way was I going to call. This was in Andover, KS

  15. Julia

    I just received one from American Airways, Carin Kane. Is ANYONE investigating this scam????? This Blog provides all of the proof anyone would need. I got the same hand addressed envelope, but the postmark is illegible (wonder why?). I live in Ormond Beach, FL.

    THANK YOU all for your postings and comments. It took me one minute to realize this is a scam.

  16. alan

    I got a letter too I knew it was a scam from the get go here the give away no return address, no other phone numbers. I might call them and have some FUN with these CROOKS

  17. angie

    I just received one from US Airlines. With a Jill Taye as VP. cheap logo hand written address w/ no return address. Right away I knew it was a scam and I found all these other comments reporting the same thing. Thank God for internet in one way it’s good because you find all these postings. But it also has opened a door for all these scam artists.

  18. Javier

    Thank you for such a great idea of posting stuff like this. I was curios as I received this letter for the second time, and I wasn’t sure of what it was. As of August of 2012, the letter is signed by “Dorothy Joy” and the amount still $1,400.00. The same address as the ones in the above pictures. This time they changed their phone number, now is 866-46-5492.
    Thanks again!!!

  19. gman

    Thank you to everyone for posting these comments. We got ours yesterday and when I Googled the phone number it came up as some antique and folk art place in Bedford, Pennsylvania!!! Not even going to waste my time calling the number! This is definitely some sort of scam! Got to give them credit though…it looks very official!

  20. Fran

    I just got the SAME letter as the rest of you today. Everyone is right, the envelope is very odd, and it is obvious it is a scam. I am more concerned as to how they have my home address and full name. Is there any way to report this?

  21. Isabel

    I’m looking for some tickets, and I’m so glad I’ve looked it up on the Internet, I just received a letter in the mail that looks to good to be true saying I have until August 30th to call and claim 2 round trip tickets worth $1400.00 or they will be passed to someone else. Thanks for posting this information, I’m sure there is a lot of people falling for it.

  22. Lola

    Got one today. US Airlines. I’ll call them as soon as I’m done emailing the gentleman in Africa that wants to give me 10.2 million dollars.

  23. George

    I received one a few weeks ago that is from US Airlines and came in a perforated envelope (think pay check or W-2). It is simply from the “Awards Department” followed by 1-866-931-9323. It’s for 2 round trip tickets; wasn’t going to call about it anyway, but decided to Google just to find similar stories.

  24. LW

    Another one from US Airlines, dated 8/20, received 8/27 and must respond by 8/29 to 1-866-568-2296. Signed by Jill Taye, VP.

    Definitely a scam.

  25. cf

    Yep. same here.US Airlines, cheapie logo, Jill taye, Vice President. Phoenix postmark… Plus I did recieve the repeated (ignored by me) phone calls. Notify your Attorney General…I’m in Oregon, btw.

  26. David

    Wow…I got the American Airways one…..and I too have a guy that wants to give me millions of dollars for my bank info….lol.

  27. F J Lynam

    I received “US Airlines” letter today.
    Reply date is by 8/29/12
    Signature block is Jill Taye, Vice President
    Stated value is “$1,298.00. Certain restrictions apply.”
    Phone no. is 1-866-568-2319

  28. Stephanie

    This is mail fraud. You can file a complaint online;

  29. name witheld

    Got a letter on August 28th date August 20th from US airlines saying that I won two round trip airline tickets and that they have been trying to reach me and gave the the phone # 866-568-0147 to call. The letter was signed Jill Taye, vice president of U.S Airlines. I googled the phone number to see WHO or WHERE this was coming from. The post mark is from Phoenix Az, no return sender info. KO-(and five digit number at the bottom of the page. Are these people stupid? A legitimate letter head would have complete contact information, email, website, fax, brick and mortar address, etc… It was BLANK. What a fraud. Its got scam written all over it – are these people asking for money to pay for these free tickets – what’s in it for them? At this point, it doesn’t make sense.

  30. Jean (Name withheld)

    I got this same document with the US Airlines. I called and they told me I Need to sit for a meeting and bring my ID and Credit card (Not for buying anything but for identification) Funny…when did a credit card become identification since it has no picture. They also wanted me to bring my husband or significant other. They want his name. Did not give them that. I did say I would attend their meeting. They called back today to confirm me to be at the meeting tomorrow 08/30 and they said because I confirmed I now get a “free” stay at a hotel for 3 days and nights with my travel voucher. I googled this today. I suspected something a miss but wanted to play with them. Now I see I was right. Not going to meeting. The phone number they have for me is a work number that gets screened. Should be fun if they call back again. Why do people think they can scam others for easy money! By the way – my voucher was signed by Linda Kay and the telephone number is 866-569-5084 Letter out of Phoenix, AZ.

  31. Monika

    Hey all, Just got one in Wheeling, IL

    Call Jill Taye at 866-931-9249 for 2 tix totaling $1,298.00 from US Airlines. Code was KT-72917. I wonder if these clowns ever google the names they are using to see that SCAM comes up every time. Stay away!!!

  32. Erich

    Yea these scammers are stupid, and it continues! I just got the same letter from Jill Taye. They must scam enough money to buy all these stamps.
    How have they not been closed down yet?

  33. DP

    I got a letter also heading said US AIrlines – postmarked Phoenix, Az. looked had written but really done by printer.
    won 2 free tickets…. bla, bla bla… call 866 569 0310
    SCAMMERS – I did not call

  34. Stefanie

    Got this letter today with deadline of Sept. 5, 2012. Looked fishy to me too. Hand written envelope with no return address.

  35. Stefanie

    Just got this same letter in mail today with deadline dated September 5th, 2012. Hand written envelope with No Return Address. Looked fishy to me too!

  36. Mark Rodgers

    Got the letter today, dated August 27, signed ‘Jill Taye’ ‘Vice President’. THANK YOU for providing this public service on this blog so that me and countless others who can do a google search can be warned and share information.

  37. Have received exactly the same letter. Thanks for your tip! I’ve not called them.

    The differences between the two checks, mine and yours, are: code #, our names and the authorized signature.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  38. Bill

    I received mine today, the letter is from Jill Taye.

    While this looks like a lame scam attempt, I recently read the crooks behinds these letters deliberately make them look less than legitimate. Apparently, the crooks have learned that in doing so, only the most gullible (easiest marks) will call in.

  39. KMC

    Got same letter. What crap. How can we get these folks and nail them?
    It would be so much fun to be part of a group to investigate
    and take down these blood suckers.

  40. Tony

    I just received this letter in yesterday’s mail and had a pretty good idea just by looking at the US Airlines name and logo it had to be a scam. I’ve worked for United Airlines in the past and have never come across such a company. So just in case there might be a new airlines out there I had never heard of…because they could be a new puddle jumper type…I looked up a list of FAA certified airlines. US Airlines was not listed. Glad I decided to check here as well!

  41. IOWA

    I got a letter just like this in the mail. The only difference was that the “vice president” was listed as Jill Taye. I figured it was a scam like most things that come in the mail now days. Thank you for posting this and making it known.

    Des Moines, IA

  42. Portland, Oregon

    I just received a very very similar letter from US Airlines dated 8-20-12. The value of my reward is only $1,298.00. The Vice President listed is Jill Taye and it was postmarked in Phoenix, AZ

  43. kelly

    Recieved our 2nd one yesterday. Jill Taye VP phone #1-866-931-8944 Phoenix post marked

    Is there a way to contact the Post office in Phoenix so they can stop this.

  44. Iowa

    I received the exact letter from the other person in Iowa signed JillTaye, Vice President. Sure glad I got on the US Airlines Scam. I thought maybe it was a scam but now I know for sure. Thank you!

  45. Cape Coral, FL

    I also just received similar letter, to respond by Sept 5th. Signed by Vice President Jill Taye. With phone number 1-866-931-8944. Also post marked Phoenix, AZ. WOW, it looks fake.

  46. VF

    SCAM! How are they finding people’s addresses? Anyway, I also received this scam in the mail. When will people learn there is no such thing as getting something for nothing? All they want people to do is call in and give their personal information so they can drain your bank account. Don’t fall for it people!

    Another scam going around is this: you receive a letter in the mail claiming your bank card has been compromised, and you need to call right away. They try to get people to call in and give their bank card information to drain your account. They will also state in the letter that you must call your bank to have a new card issued because they can’t do it for you.

    First, always call the number on the back of your card or your banking institution directly to report a lost or stolen card. Never call a third party company who sends a letter in the mail. This is a scam

  47. Stephanie

    I just received the US Airlines letter today with a respond by date of Sept 12th 2012 w/ a phone number of 866-827-3745 (which has been calling me nonstop for the last 2 weeks) signed by Renee Wade (letter code MA-63619). I automatically assumed that it wasn’t legit since when would a major airline hand address an envelope to you… from the Vice President in blue bic pen no less… especially when I don’t enter any contests to “win” in the first place. I figured it was a scam from the get go.

  48. indianapolis,in

    I received a letter first and ignored it assuming that US Airlines would have better letterhead if it was really from them . Today I got a travel voucher for 1398 dollars for US airlines and it dawned on me that this was not US Airways or United Airlines. This is a scam needing personal or credit card information. Don’t give it up.

  49. Sheila Rusk

    I rec’d a letter from US Airlines dated August 27, 2012. Same content with a phone number of 1-866-803-0250. I didn’t call, but decided to check it out online first. It was signed Jill Taye, Vice President. Hope they can put a stop to these people.

  50. […] From what I found online, the letters take one of two forms: a fake travel voucher or a letter stating that you have won two airline tickets. Here’s the text from my letter from American Airways: I am pleased to inform you that you have qualified for an award of two roundtrip airline tickets. Congratulations. These tickets are valid for travel anywhere in the Continental US from any major international airport. The retail value of this award is up to $1,298.00. […]

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