Like Father, Like Son

A few days before Christmas, my husband brought home a beautifully wrapped gift for our son. It was from one of his work friends. We both shook the box and knew immediately it had to be Legos (remember my lego obsession and how I turn whine into wine)?

Anyway, the kid started ripping open the package and was beyond excited yelling “wow” as he discovered a Lego City Collection 18 wheeler inside. He brought it to me and asked to put it together.

I began organizing the legos and following the instructions. My husband sat down beside of me and said “but this was from my friend, I should put it together”.

And I wonder where our son gets his whining from?

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4 Thoughts to “Like Father, Like Son”

  1. LOL! To funny! And it sounds just like something that my husband would say!

  2. I couldn’t resist blogging about it because I figured other wives had similar experiences. But then again, I did take control and assumed I should put it together. 🙂

  3. So funny. Don’t all little boys learn their whining from their daddies though. Surely such an annoying trait couldn’t come from mommies LoL.

  4. LOL! Yes, little boys are all “men in training”. They exhibit those testosterone-induced behaviors so early on.

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