Wordless Wednesday: Stalker

We were outside playing the other day and I had this feeling someone or something was watching us. I looked up and saw this.

My son was snacking on nuts, so I grabbed one and walked over to the tree. The squirrel had no fear whatsoever and wanted a nibble. There was no way I was going to let him grab a nut from my hand, so I gave my son’s shovel a new purpose…

Now the darn thing is stalking us!

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8 Thoughts to “Wordless Wednesday: Stalker”

  1. Too funny! It’s pretty wild how brave some squirrels can be!

    Thanks for stopping by for my Wordless Wednesday linky!

  2. He is truly stalking us, every single day he makes noises and jumps from limb to limb trying to catch our attention. He’ll run down the tree and look for the blue shovel. I guess squirrels are like dogs, if you feed them they follow you home! 🙂

    Thanks for hosting the WW linky!

  3. Eddie

    2 words………..Pot Pie

  4. @Eddie OMG, my coffee almost landed on my keyboard!

  5. Very cute! Great pictures too … very clear – he’s looking right at us! Happy Wednesday!

  6. I know some people don’t care for them but I lvoe squirrels! They’re so fun to watch. Once I caught one SLEEPING on our deck railing. I’ve never seen them sit still long.

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