Even The Mouse Is Cold…

Freezing temperatures in Orlando! Something about that is just not right. I moved here to get away from the frigid winter temperatures. While it helps put me in the holiday spirit, I would at least appreciate some snow flurries or something (and I am not talking about the ones we saw on Main Street USA while at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party the other night either).

We covered our container garden with sheets last night, so hopefully our herbs and vegetables survived the freeze. If it’s this cold here, I can only imagine how cold it is everywhere else. BRRRRR

Thankfully, I have no reason to go outside today. This is just another reason I love being a SAHM, I get to stay in my flannel pajamas and fuzzy slippers all day long.

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2 Thoughts to “Even The Mouse Is Cold…”

  1. I’m jealous. Not of the weather of course…. it’s colder here than it is there in Florida! More that you’re able to stay home in comfy jammies all day!

  2. I actually love the cooler weather. It allows me to pretend there is a change of seasons here other than tourist season and lovebug season. lol It does seem like a waste not to have snow to go along with the cooler temperatures, though. I was up last night peeping out the window every few hours just in case…

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