Wordless Wednesday: The Elf On The Shelf

If you do not have The Elf On The Shelf…you MUST get one! You will have very well behaved children for the next couple of weeks since the elf reports back to Santa nightly and then finds a new location to observe from. I witnessed my almost 5 year old nephew stop dead in his tracks whenever his parents said “BoBo the elf is watching you and will tell Santa”. I also saw my 3 year old niece burst into tears and tremble when she realized “BoBo” was back!

Funny thing is, the adults are having way more fun with this than the kids. I’m just wondering why the elf can’t stick around all year?!?!

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5 Thoughts to “Wordless Wednesday: The Elf On The Shelf”

  1. Our elf has not made his appearance yet this year…but i think he will be visiting this weekend. By the way, ours is named “Pie”.

  2. Cute name! My son named his Bob.

  3. Best invention EVER!!! Ours is named Cringle b/c Husband didn’t actually know that it was Kris Kringle…DUH!

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  5. I need one of these! How well do they work with older kids?!?!

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