Housewife Award at MommaSaid

I guess it does pay to get puked on since that very incident is the reason I won a Housewife Award from Jen Singer’s!

I pray that is the ONLY time I am ever puked on; however, given the fact 4 out of 7 people at our Thanksgiving festivities all have had a stomach bug which includes vomiting…I am a little worried. My son and I are fortunate that we have not contracted it (YET) so I am going nuts with the antibacterial wipes and keeping my fingers crossed!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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5 Thoughts to “Housewife Award at MommaSaid”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by JenSinger, Jessica Kirby. Jessica Kirby said: I won a Housewife Award from @JenSinger at How exciting! Thanks Jen. […]

  2. Congrats!!! The puking is happening here too…. it’s been a crazy week already!

  3. Well, you deserve it for sure. Of course, this now guarantees that I will be reading puke stories for weeks, but tis the season.

    I’ll get your prize out tomorrow for sure.


  4. @Jackie Thanks and good luck with the puking. ICK!

    @Jen Thanks again. I am very excited to read your book!

  5. 5 out of 7 have now puked, this time it was my kid. 90 minutes later, I’m STILL cleaning it up!

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