Finding Nemo

My kid is obsessed with the movie Finding Nemo. He would watch it morning, noon and night if I’d let him, but I do not. He fell in love with The Seas With Nemo And Friends at Epcot even before seeing the movie, but now he really gets it.

I use the movie to reward him for good behavior or when I need to get something done like cooking, cleaning, items listed on eBay, etc. Since he has not been napping regularly, this is my “go to” item when I just need him to sit still.

I am very thankful to have found something that works, almost 2 hours of peace and quiet (besides the seagull scenes when he’s yelling “mine mine”). Can you guess what is coming with us on our flight this week?!?!

At least Finding Nemo is an adorable flick that I don’t mind sitting down and watching with him. I also love the fact it doesn’t have singing in it (only a few adorable jingles), I’m sure a movie filled with songs would drive me insane.

What movie is/was your child’s favorite? I bet you can quote it, too?

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3 Thoughts to “Finding Nemo”

  1. Finding Nemo is one of K’s favs too!!! She is also currently on a TS3 kick!

  2. ugg… my kids are older and will quote any movie that they LOVE! Let’s see … some favorites are Dude, Where’s my car, Alice in Wonderland, Napoleon Dynamite, Secret of Nimh… really the list could go on and on!!

  3. My kids love this movie…Hailey cries hysterically when Nemo gets taken away though…sobbing I tell ya!

    Right now, they’re into Frosty and Rudolph…ah, to see the Christmas world through their little eyes! Everything is so new!

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