Essentials For Potty Training

We attempted potty training about a year ago and it was unsuccessful. Despite the fact my kid tells me “no” when he does not want his potty book read to him or his Elmo’s Potty dvd on, I am DETERMINED he will find a new enthusiastic attitude.

Since the potty chair was a failure, today I bought him a Thomas The Train soft potty seat so he can use the real toilet.

I also purchased hair dye to cover the additional gray hair he is going to cause as well as anti-wrinkle cream! This should be interesting!

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9 Thoughts to “Essentials For Potty Training”

  1. HAHAHAHA – the hair color and wrinkle cream crack me up!!!! Did you see we recently had a big break through? 🙂

  2. marie byrd

    We did the same with Izzie! We gave up on the potty chair and took her shopping to pick out what she wanted. She opted for the Dora cushioned seat and we found instant success!! Even #2 from about day 3!! Hope it goes as smooth for you!!! I use the same hair color! Lol.

  3. You crack me up buying the wrinkle cream and hair dye! Good luck with the potty training! I’m dreading that chapter at our’s coming soon!

  4. @TheSuburbanMom Congrats on your big break through, that is WONDERFUL!!! The clerk was cracking up, but didn’t say anything about my combination of products. She must have kids, she “got” it!

  5. @Marie Thanks! I hope we have success this time. LOL about the hair color, it received good reviews so I figured I’d give it a try.

  6. I hate the potty chair… it’s yucky! I never used one and don’t plan on it! The seat option is much better!

    And I’m pretty sure that the same color hair dye that I’ve used. “I’ve” meaning that I haven’t done it in such a long time that the girls are pointing the damn gray out again. It wouldn’t be so visible if my hair wasn’t so dark!

    And I blame it on them too!

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  8. My son wouldn’t potty train until I let him stand up to pee “like daddy”. Nothing like a little kid with no aim….you might need some wine too.

  9. None of my kids liked the potty, either. I didn’t have success until I started using these seats. It is so much more pleasant when you don’t have a potty to empty. Good luck, I hope you have success soon!

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