An eBay Interview With Mommy Niri

I felt honored when Mommy Niri asked to conduct an eBay interview with me. I have been following Niri’s blog since I first entered the blogging world, she has been a true inspiration to me. I can always count on her for honest advice and feedback in the blogosphere. She is a wonderful person with such an amazing heart.

Hop on over to one of my VERY favorite blogs and check out Meet Jessica, Blogger and eBay Extraordinaire. Hopefully you will become inspired to start selling on eBay.

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4 Thoughts to “An eBay Interview With Mommy Niri”

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  3. The interview was great and it’s interesting to see how the entrepreneurial spirit manifests itself in different situations. While it’s the natural next step, buying discounted items and reselling them on the internet had never occurred to me.

    Do you find that there’s every any push-back from retailers, or even the brands themselves? Does this conflict with any … I don’t know, laws or agreements with stores or anything?

  4. Thank you Abe. I have never had any push-back from retailers or brands, but I do not announce why I purchase high volumes of merchandise either. Clerks will sometimes joke and say “wow, you are buying a lot of stuff” and I laugh it off.

    One of the main stores I purchase from has a rule that a customer can only buy 5 of the same item and I have hit that limit before.

    I have always wondered why some of these brands don’t start an online outlet store or something, they are really missing out! I would be happy to consult for them. 🙂

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