A Little White Lie

Last night, we went to Epcot and my son begged to go on The Seas With Nemo And Friends. The ride is fun but he especially loves to visit the underwater viewing area. He enjoys the freedom of running around the aquarium tunnels and being surrounded by sea creatures. He’d stay for hours if we’d let him, but we usually let the crowd (and his attitude) dictate how long we are there. Every single time we leave the viewing area, he melts down despite my bribery efforts!

To be perfectly honest with you, my husband and I didn’t feel like dealing with a public tantrum. Once the ride was over, we skipped his favorite part. We told him that the fish were sleeping (it was my husband’s idea). To my amazement, my son was cool with that reasoning, kept saying “shhhh” as we quietly left. Seriously, no fussing…no tantrums, just a very accepting 2 year old who understood the fish were sleeping so we couldn’t visit them. Wow! There’s no harm in a little white lie, right?

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4 Thoughts to “A Little White Lie”

  1. Barbara Moreland

    Sometimes a person has to pretend, that is all that is. He can think that the fish are sleeping. That is cute. Maybe he will remember the next time and tell you shhhh the fish are sleeping. Ha. Hope everyone is doing good. Talk to you later. Love you lots.

  2. I am in favor of the little white lie, particularly in a case as you described. Had you had gone to see the fish, it could have ruined the rest of your day AND we all know how expensive that those Disney parks have gotten. Great job on avoiding a potentially explosive situation. You get Mommy points for this one!!

  3. We had a similar situation a couple nights ago. We took my 3 year old to the halloween store. Now, mind you, nothing scares this child. You would have thought it was a candy store by the way she acted when we told her it was time to go. She had a blast playing with all the interactive decorations. We also told her that it was sleepy time for the monsters. Every morning since she asks us if the monsters are awake yet and if we can go visit them again.

  4. Isn’t it funny how toddlers understand the sleep concept! I think a lot more items are going to be “sleeping” so we can avoid public humiliation. 🙂

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