Lose The Attitude On eBay

My eBay tip this week is do not be nasty when you email a seller inquiring about the price of an item. If you think an item is over-priced then do not even consider trying to buy it. Even if you believe the seller will be making a substantial profit based on the low ball price you may be offering, there is no need to point that out.

Please keep in mind that many people (myself included) make a living from selling on eBay. Being a professional buyer takes a lot of time, patience and energy! Also, eBay and PayPal fees are quite expensive. I take pride in my eBay business and when I detect attitude from a potential buyer then I immediately block them from purchasing any of my items.

Thankfully, I haven’t dealt with too many unfriendly potential buyers. Today I did and needless to say, I won’t have to worry about THAT person anymore. Despite the fact he/she had perfect feedback, the communication tactics were not my style. Instead of responding and wasting my time, I immediately blocked him from buying any of my items and then broadcasted it on my blog.  🙂

Yes, I am missing out on an enormous sale, BUT I am also missing out on the headaches from a disgruntled buyer! To me, that is a huge win!

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2 Thoughts to “Lose The Attitude On eBay”

  1. Sometimes I think buyers think sellers are doing charity work. It is almost like they cannot stand the thought of someone making a profit. But it’s like if they are so good at finding a deal maybe they should take the time and energy to search out these deals…ya know.

    But I also agree that most buyers are not this way so we are lucky it only happens once in awhile.

    great post!

  2. Great tips. Many Ebay shoppers may not know about the all of the fees. It really does make a difference when setting the price for an item.

    Good luck with your Ebay business!

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