Mission: Exhaustion

After the long day we had yesterday without a nap, I woke up with one goal today…to wear my kid out to the point of exhaustion! Since we live in Orlando, visiting the Magic Kingdom in almost 100 degree weather seemed like a fun way to do it!

We arrived when the park opened and made a mad dash to the Dumbo ride. It was actually quiet until lunch time, then we made the mistake of visiting Frontier Land and could hardly walk through the crowds! But, we rode several rides, played on the playground, enjoyed some delicious snacks and danced on Main Street USA with some of our favorite Disney pals – including Mickey!

It was a  fun day! I definitely wore myself out and he seems to be sleepy…but only time will tell. Fingers crossed that he gives in and actually naps. I know I could use one!

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4 Thoughts to “Mission: Exhaustion”

  1. I think my kids would absolutely LOVE it if we lived that close to Disney World!

  2. We love having Disney in our back yard. It’s so nice to just go for a few hours and actually enjoy it. I do not know how people spend all day there, it’s just too brutal.

  3. Beth

    30 years of growing up with Disney in my backyard, too, having annual passes all my life, finally having a child that’s old enough to go and enjoy it, then we move to GA. Thanks for rubbing your Disney Days in my face! (no, really, keep it up!)

  4. […] to nap, so I have been determined to do whatever it takes to make him sleep! As I mentioned last week, I took him to the Magic Kingdom and thought I wore him out to the point of exhaustion. The plan […]

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