eBay Second Chance Offer

I LOVE to buy eBay merchandise in multiples. Not only is it easy to relist, but eBay also has a convenient feature called Second Chance Offer.

What is a Second Chance Offer? It is an opportunity for a seller to offer an item to someone other than the winning bidder after the listing has ended. This works for auction style listings only, not Buy It Now items.

You can make a Second Chance Offer when:

  • Your item didn’t sell because the reserve price wasn’t met.
  • You have duplicate items for sale.
  • The winning bidder didn’t pay you.

When you send a Second Chance Offer, the bidder receives a message asking if they’d like to buy the item at a Buy It Now price equal to their last bid amount. It’s up to the buyer to decide whether to accept the offer.

Here are some additional details about Second Chance Offer:

  • Making an offer is free. If the offer is accepted, you only pay the final value fee (no insertion fee).
  • You have 60 days after the listing ends to send a Second Chance Offer.
  • You can send offers until the list of bidders is exhausted. However, you can’t send more than one Second Chance Offer to the same bidder.

For more information about Second Chance offer visit here.

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2 Thoughts to “eBay Second Chance Offer”

  1. I love second chance offer as well! I haven’t used it in a awhile but when I did I always made more sales.

  2. I’ve been toying with the idea of using second chance offer to sell multiples, but unfortunately I haven’t had a hot item come along yet that allows me to use the option, mostly because my strategy with second chance offer is to go out after the fact (i.e., after the bidding is done and there are several bids) and try to get a duplicate of the item. The problem is that I get most of my bargains by using one-time coupons and jumping on limited-time sales, and I haven’t dared get more that one of an item at the same time yet, so the stars haven’t really aligned for me.

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