Non-Toxic Is Important!

While preparing for my son’s arrival, my husband and I fell in love with expensive, eco-friendly nursery furniture. Besides the clean modern design that we loved, we felt it was important to purchase something with a non-toxic finish. Thank GOD we did! Not only does it look good but it is also very tasty! Check out what my little monster did.

I pray we can have it repaired, we were hoping to eventually resell his furniture. The portion he ate is environmentally friendly, eco-friendly MDF made of recovered wood fibers with a non-toxic white water-based finish.

Yes, we had crib rail teething covers but they were completely useless (see my post about 10 useless baby items, these covers are #1 on there). My son would pull them off and continue to chew. I even tied the covers down, but he figured out how to slide them so he could munch.

He has officially done more damage than my golden retriever ever dreamed of. At least I could throw her in a kennel and lock her up when she was bad!

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5 Thoughts to “Non-Toxic Is Important!”

  1. OMG! My son is eating his crib too, but this is SOOO much worse! I can’t BELIEVE that! My son eats wooden blocks. Shreds them and eats them. Why does that taste good?!? Crazy!

  2. Pretty sad, isn’t it? I remember when I saw the first bite mark, my heart sank completely. He had plenty of chew toys, but the crib was his favorite!

  3. Marie Byrd

    OMG! I remember you telling me about his chewing, but I never dreamt it was like that! Mine never chewed on the crib, however Austin is obsessed with eating his wooden blocks! He will spaz if we take it away! Thank God they are “green” as well!!

  4. LOL! Yes Marie, it’s pretty darn bad. I sigh every time I walk in his room. It used to be such a pretty crib, not it looks like beavers got ahold of it.

  5. Stephanie

    My son attempts eating his crib every now and then. I wish I had known about this crib when we were crib shopping! 🙂

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