Never Again…

What was I thinking not purchasing my son his own plane seat? We had been so lucky in the past with our planes not being full and being able to take his car seat on board, but not this time!

The flight was so bad that I immediately purchased my son his own seat for the return. His seat was not cheap, but it was worth EVERY penny! I learned my lesson! He sat comfortably in his car seat and was a good boy! Now, he did have kick fest with the seat in front of him…but that was fine since I strategically placed his dad in front of him! Do NOT start feeling sorry for my husband, please keep in mind that my son sat on MY lap during the flight up and I do believe a few kicks in the back would have been better than what I dealt with.

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One Thought to “Never Again…”

  1. John McClure

    Yeah, we’ve been debating whether to buy Trinity a seat for our trip this summer to Minneapolis. I can pretty much say for sure there is a less than 1% chance of there being any extra seats on those flights — esp in the summer with all those Midwest families coming down to Orlando (and then going home again).

    Based on your post, I think we will indeed be buying the extra seat. Trinity will only be 1 1/2 but she is a big-time squirmer and all-around rascal, lol

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