If you have a little one then you are probably cringing at the title of my blog. We are currently dealing with eye teeth coming in as well as those horrible two year molars (or at least I think his molars are coming in, he won’t let me put my finger in his mouth to check)! Needless to say, it has been a rough couple of days for my entire family. My heart breaks for my little guy. He’s in so much pain and has no appetite whatsoever. This weekend, he would wake up screaming every couple of hours. Plus, when he was awake all he wanted to do was hug me. If I owe you an email or you are missing my tweets, now you understand my delay.

He slept soundly last night and seems to be feeling a bit better. He keeps chewing on his finger and saying “owe” and the appetite is still not there (although he managed to eat an entire container of YoBaby yogurt with his milk this morning)! Score!

For pain management, I’ve been using Motrin as well as Hyland’s teething tablets. If anyone has any suggestions, please comment! He refused the Orajel swabs and is also starting to refuse the Hyland’s tablets.

Here are some shots of him snuggling with his best friend this morning while watching cartoons. He’s now napping, so we’ll see how the rest of the day goes.

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3 Thoughts to “Teething”

  1. SuZ

    I heard that the gel stuff is useless because they are so drooly that it just slides out of their mouth or they swallow it.

    Sorry to hear you’re dealing with it. Hope it gets better!

  2. Marie Byrd

    Poor Guy!! But I must say he is getting more and more adorable!!!! It is so funny to see him with the mouse! 😉

  3. I feel your pain… going through the exact same thing over here. Nothing helps, nothing works… but they do look extra cute when they are in pain.

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