Modern Bird Studios Weekly Blogger Interview

I was super stoked when Megan at Modern Bird Studios asked me to participate in their weekly blogger interview. They want to interview me? How awesome is that?!?! They only make the coolest photo canvas art creations ever! So, I eagerly said yes. Drum roll please….here is the interview.

YOU KNOW my modern photo art creation is in the works…already approved the proof and my heart races every single time I hear a truck stop in front of my home (even though I know my finished product won’t be here for another week or so). I can hardly wait to see my beauty! Curious about what photo I used? You’ll have to stay tuned if you want to see my masterpiece.

In the meantime, check out the gallery and see for yourself how awesome their work is!

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2 Thoughts to “Modern Bird Studios Weekly Blogger Interview”

  1. Great interview Jessica! Thanks for the plug. Now I have to start pumping out more content!!!! (0:
    Can’t wait to see your artwork.

  2. […] Bird Studios is owned by Gregg and Megan Deal. I have gotten to know Megan from our previous interview and all of her hilarious tweets. Gregg is the artist and he pours his heart into these amazing […]

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