Stroller Etiquette

When is the last time a stranger held a door open for you in public? Have you ever sat back and watched how rude people are to each other? I am a frequent shopper at our local outlet malls for my eBay merchandise. Anyway, I see a lot of things that make me scratch my head. I am floored how people do not even say excuse me when they cut you off or run you over. The worst thing is how people hurry to get through a door and then let it close when they see a baby stroller coming towards them.

The other day, my son fell asleep in his stroller as we shopped. I took my time because I didn’t want to wake him from his nap (which ended up being 90 minutes long)! Anyway, only one person held a door open for me in 90 minutes. ONE PERSON! Do you know that three people actually cut through doors as I opened them and tried to maneuver my stroller inside? I am just embarrassed how people treat each other! What ever happened to the golden rule?

Next time you are in public, pay attention to how people respond to strollers. Also, notice how tough it can be for one person to open a door and then try to hold it open as he or she pushes a stroller inside. An act of kindness like holding a door open means a lot!

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10 Thoughts to “Stroller Etiquette”

  1. Well said, well stated! If people would use some common sense and respect we would all be better off- it amazes me how disrespectful- our society is at times. If we all would make a point to do one small thing each day- our world would be so much better (and safer)!

  2. Marie Byrd

    AMEN!! Locally around here such as The Avenues or something most people are very helpful when I have the stroller and mind you I normally have a double stroller!!

    But….I went to the outlet mall in Orlando 2 weekends ago and not one person assisted with a door! They acted like the didnt even see me! And one store had their racks so close together that I couldnt even maneuver the stroller to shop. Austin was sleeping of course!
    Its not like I had the double either! crazy! I thought it was just my luck! Now I see its not 🙂

  3. When I’m out with both kids in my double Mountain Buggy, people seem to get in my way on purpose…and then glare at me like I’m going to run them over on purpose. I try to be courteous with my stroller, it would be nice if people didn’t make it so much harder!

  4. Great point Sara, could you just imagine if everyone committed to performing one small act of kindness every day. It seems like everyone is in such a hurry and could care less who they run over to get to the places they need to be.

  5. Marie, it is really bad in Orlando! I understand why the outlets leave their doors shut though (it would be wasted a/c if they kept them open) but what a pain it is. I have a tough time in some of the outlets too because of racks being too close together. I actually take my el cheapo stroller now (instead of my Bugaboo) since it’s much smaller and easier to push between aisles.

    Once in awhile, I encounter a really nice person who will go out of their way to hold a door open. I make sure to tell them how much I appreciate their help! I always hold the door open for others and especially for strollers, to me it’s just common sense. I wish more people had common sense, the world would be a better place!

  6. Jessica, I have encountered people who seem to intentionally get in my way and then give me dirty looks in return. It’s almost as if they see my stroller and then kick it into gear to try to get far away from us. All they’re doing is causing more havoc. I almost wish these ignorant people could be assigned a baby stroller for a day so they could see what it’s like from our perspective!

  7. Briana

    I have the exact same problem here, especially at the outlet mall, too. Whenever someone is nice enough to hold open a door I am always surprised! I am just so used to having to open it by myself that it shocks me when someone is actually nice! I love when I go to the regular mall, at least they have the handicap doors so that they open at the touch of a button. I wish the outlet mall doors were like that, but I guess that would be too expensive.

  8. Aimee Hays

    I love it when I open the door and hold it open to push the stroller though and someone goes through like I am holding it open for them. Real nice.

  9. Denise Rempel

    My opinion only, it seems that everyone who is writing a response only think of the negative, you probably go in with an attitude of people being rude. I have never seen what you are talking about, I always go in with a smile and usually look at people and say politely, do you mind, thank you……..
    We should all be lobbying for automatic pedestrian doors, the ones you push a HC button. One of the definitions of HC is: “To be at a disadvantage;”
    Positive words to live by, smile and the whole world smiles with you.

  10. Hi Denise and thanks for your comment. I am a very smiley and upbeat person, so I can assure you that I do not give off a negative vibe when I’m out shopping with a stroller. I live in the Orlando, Florida area and my blog was about how the shoppers act at our outlet mall. Perhaps it’s because we have a lot of tourists that are in a hurry, I’m not sure.

    I go out of my way to help others (opening doors, carrying items, picking up things that are dropped on the floors, etc.). My son is almost 5 and rarely uses a stroller now, but I make sure when I see a parent pushing one that I run to help open the door for them. 🙂

    I agree, those are very positive words to live by! 🙂

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