Naughty Corner

Words cannot begin to express how much I am over the toddler stage. My son has quickly learned how to express his anger and frustration by throwing monster sized tantrums! It doesn’t take much to set him off either.

Thankfully he seems to melt down mostly when we are at home. I couldn’t imagine dealing with this in public, I would be so embarrassed! Just the thought of being on the receiving end of the cold glares makes me cringe. I have admitted in the past, I used to roll my eyes at parents who let their children behave out of control in public, NOW I sympathize with them because I know it could be me next! And, I also know it’s not their choice for their kid to be acting like that.

This past week, I introduced my toddler to the “naughty corner”. This was a technique I learned from watching Super Nanny and so far, it seems to work. When he is engaged in a bad behavior  I will either put him in the corner or tell him to put himself there. It’s funny, the instance he is in the corner, he stops acting like a crazy person and calms down. I leave him there for a few seconds then release him by asking “are you going to be a good boy?”. Once he nods yes and the punishment is over, I open my arms wide and he runs and gives me a hug. I then explain to him why he was put in the corner and that he shouldn’t behave that way.

Hopefully, the naughty corner will continue to be successful. We’ll see. I am OPEN to suggestions!

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4 Thoughts to “Naughty Corner”

  1. Briana

    Sounds like your time outs are working! It is also suggested that time out length should be equal to age, so since your little one is one, he should be in the naughty corner for a minute, when he turns 2, 2 minutes, etc. I have also read in a great book “123 Magic” to not try to make your child apologize for bad behavior after a time out is over. As they grow older, this apology can sometimes be a battle in itself. The time out is enough to stop the unacceptable behavior, then you just move on. Sounds like you are off to a great start, though!

  2. Thanks for the information about the suggested length of time, i was wondering how long to leave him. He’s been staying put for about 20 seconds, but I’ll be sure to extend that! I’m hoping he doesn’t see it as a game though, you know how toddlers are!

  3. Joe

    Super Nanny didn’t invent the naughty corner, my dad did! 🙂 To this day, I get the shakes when I come too close to drywall. Just kidding…

    I remember that I went through a bad phase, so much so that my mom and dad just had to say ‘corner’, and I knew it was time to face the music, or the wall to be exact. I guess it worked. I turned out ok (at least I think so), and my dad still has most of his hair.

  4. LOL @ Joe! Too funny.

    My dad had a leather belt. All it took was him cracking it together and I would become so intimidated and immediately stop the bad behavior.

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