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Staying with my real estate theme from Friday, I wanted to discuss the job of a real estate agent dealing with ordinary transactions (not including short sales because they are far from normal). Regardless of how much an agent may complain about what he or she does, how difficult is it to sell a house? For the most part, if a home is accurately priced then it will sell itself. Granted, I recognize it is necessary to have someone work on contracts and negotiate details such as price and closing date, but in the end when the deal is closed, an agent makes his or her fair share of commission for the small amount of work performed.

Never in my life have I dealt with such an incompetent bunch of unprofessionals as I have with a few unnamed agents here in Orlando, Florida. I have email proof of unethical statements and I even caught a broker in a web of lies (hint, hint: Exit Realty). What did the broker do? He continued to lie trying to cover up the others, pretty soon he started to believe his fabrications! Unfortunately, one of his realtors was my listing agent so I had to complete our home sale BUT I did not use that company to purchase my next home despite their efforts to win my business back.

Also, ever notice how agents will not take ownership for their mistakes? It’s funny, anything that goes wrong with a deal is blamed on the agent representing the other party! I love it when an agent communicates details via telephone but then 5 minutes later when you receive the contract in hand, it does not indicate the details your agent just shared (it’s entirely different and your agent obviously didn’t even look at it)!

Based on my negative experiences, I have compiled a list of “must have” qualities a real estate professional needs in order to be successful.

  1. Timely and accurate communication
  2. Detail oriented
  3. Good listening skills
  4. Behave ethically
  5. Act with integrity
  6. Unselfishness (always have client’s best interest at heart)

One of the most important lessons I have learned is to double check EVERYTHING! If you are involved in a real estate transaction, DO NOT rely on your agent to tell you what the contract says. It is YOUR responsibility to review the documents and make sure they are accurate; otherwise, you could be up a certain creek without a paddle!

I think I’m going to be a real estate agent in my next life! Again, this blog is based on my negative experiences and my intent is not to anger agents I have never worked with, it is to bring awareness of the corruption that is in the business.

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5 Thoughts to “Real Estate Agent Skills”

  1. Michele

    So based on your comments, would you recommend retaining a real estate attorney when selling or buying?

  2. Hi, I’m very sorry to hear about your negative experiences. I am a real estate agent and it angers me when customers have a bad experience with other agents because it does damage to me. I’m also sorry that it was an EXIT office as I work with EXIT in a great office with a broker that has the utmost integrity. It’s too bad that the name of the company has to be tarnished because of a few bad apples.

    In response to the other comment, yes, I would recommend getting a lawyer in a real estate transaction. I always recommend that my clients have attorney representation to ensure that everything is done to their best interests.

    I hope your next experience is a better one.

  3. Natasha Roberts

    I know your frustration. When selling our last house, our agents (a family team). Our buyers agent was great and I wish that we would have used her instead of the incompetent group we used. Also, our buyers agent in Winchester was awsome. She even came to our closing in Fredericksburg, to make sure that our selling agents did not make any mistakes. She was such a blessing! It is a shame that those agents got a commission, since they did not do anything.

  4. Marie Byrd

    I agree to always have a real estate attorney! We learned the hard way. 🙁 I will however say that I was lucky for our agent as she was also one of the managers at my work now, so I knew her personally but I also had an attorney to look everything over as well!

  5. Unemployed mom, I know you know that there are two kinds of real estate agent. The bad one and the good one. Obviously with your experience, it’s the bad one that worked with. And I am sorry you had to go through that. That’s another exact reason why people like you should know how to screen agents before making a contract. It’s painful to read negative comments for real estate agents.

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