Say It Ain’t So…

Several of my mom friends warned me that some children give up their naps entirely. I have been praying that my son won’t become one of those kids! I have watched him go from napping 3-4 hours a day (sometimes one very long nap or two throughout the day) to 90 minutes if I am lucky. How am I supposed to get things done in 90 minutes?

Since he has cut back his nap time so much, I have started putting him back in his crib during the early evening hours for a little quiet time. He is very cooperative which allows me to prepare dinner and unwind a bit before my husband gets home from work.

At what age did your children stop taking naps? I am so depressed knowing that I may have no free time in my future.

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6 Thoughts to “Say It Ain’t So…”

  1. I know how you’re feeling. Make sure he gets plenty of fresh air and exercise. My daughter is 11 but when I babysit toddlers, I take them on a nice stroll and when we return they’re ready for a good nap…(this little never takes naps).

    I still send my 11 year old to take naps…smile

    Hang in there girlfirend!

  2. My older kids both gave up their naps around age 3. The youngest is just 10 months, so she’d better keep napping for a while yet!

    Some parents don’t like this idea, but when I really needed to get something done and one of my napless wonders clearly needed rest, I would give a “TV nap.” Put them on the couch, turn on a show they like but that isn’t too exciting, and odds were good that they would fall asleep.

  3. Briana

    Luckily, Ava still naps, and she is 3. Although, I do think she is gearing up to stop napping. Yesterday and Tuesday she didn’t nap at all, just played in her room. Today she is sleeping. Like you, I don’t know what I will do without the break! I do like that she will play quietly in her room, so I will push that as long as I can! I do know that as they get older making sure they burn lots of energy throughout the morning helps them take better naps in the afternoon!

  4. Brigitte

    I saw your name Briana from the posting – we named our daughter Briana and already she is being misspelled with the extra N in every note. Just curious if you liked your name the way it is spelled and if you experienced the constant added N when people corresponded with you?

  5. Briana


    Yes, I do have my name mispelled quite often. It is annoying sometimes! I do like the way my name is spelled. To me, Brianna should be pronounced Bri-ann-a, whereas Briana is pronounced Bri-ah-na. I have to say, though, although I think it is a pretty name, I didn’t love it growing up. Of course, it is somewhat more common now. When I was little it was very different and I just wanted to be a Jennifer, Aimee, or Samantha! I do tend to go by Brie now that I am older (since high school), which I like a lot. Do you think you will let your Briana have a nickname?

  6. Brigitte

    Thanks for sharing. We will certainly be fine with whatever she is comfortable with. Good point on the name being more common now. I am sure Briana was unique some years ago. We also felt Brianna would be pronounced with an “anna” and preferred the “ana” sound. Thanks again.

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