Do NOT make an assumption about gender. Today, an old lady at a Mt. Dora, Florida antique shop loudly exclaimed how beautiful my little girl was with her blonde curls. HELLO!!! My SON is gorgeous, but take note on his outfit….it screams BOY! Is he wearing pink or purple? No! He’s wearing blue jeans, black Converse tennis shoes and a white polo shirt. Nothing about that attire is feminine so why would you assume he’s a she?

How did I respond? I rudely said “he is a little boy” and she quickly tried to defend herself by saying people used to think her brother was a girl since he had a head full of curls, too.

My advice, do NOT make assumptions. If you think someone has a beautiful baby, just say “your child is beautiful”. Typically, this will engage the parent in conversation and the word “he”  or “she” will slip out so you know!

Good grief, I cannot believe I am even blogging about this. I would NEVER insult someone and cannot believe the nerve of some people. If I am uncertain, I keep my mouth shut!

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4 Thoughts to “Gender”

  1. Open Mouth Insert Foot- poor woman! YEP- she should not have spoke! She obviously did not look at your son! As a Mom to boys, I can totally understand why you are blogging about this!

  2. Briana

    Thanks for this blog! This has happened countless times with my baby girl, Audrey. She will be in head to toe pink or purple and people will say “he” or ask “is it a boy?” Makes me feel horrible for her, she does not look like a boy! I really hope she grows some more hair soon or else I need to invest in some giant bow headbands so people stop assuming she’s a boy!

  3. I so understand your frustration. Also had adorable boy with curls. People can be so rude!

  4. Marianne

    Happened so much with my girls. I was given a lot of GN clothing, therefore — it was constantly assumed they were male.

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