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Family Friendly IkeaMy family went to Ikea recently and attempted to park in the Family Friendly designated parking area. Having a toddler, I know from experience how challenging it can be to get from my car into the store without a struggle. It is very considerate of Ikea to provide these parking spaces close to the entrance. I wish more stores would adopt the Family Friendly parking concept!

Anyway, I was appalled at the number of people parking in the Family Friendly area WITHOUT children or babies. It is not my place to call these people out, but trust me when I tell you I wanted to give them a piece of my mind. I know Ikea cannot patrol who parks there and it’s basically an honor system, but what kind of idiot doesn’t understand what the sign means?

Are you guilty of parking in a Family Friendly or Expectant Mother parking spot without having children or being pregnant? If you are, please be considerate of those who really need the spaces!

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7 Thoughts to “Family Friendly Parking”

  1. Single Senior

    Being pregnant, having children, toddlers and a family are not handicaps; nor should they be given “special” privileges ie; parking spaces. Try being senior, single and toting all your stuff alone, or in the dark. Get over it; everybody is special, but really, the only people entitled to special spaces are those who are indeed disabled and may be using wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

    You choose to be a breeder; well, what comes with it is work and responsibility, including walking to the store and dealing with your children you chose. If you can’t deal with it, get a sitter or don’t go shopping.

  2. You’re entitled to your opinion and so am I. This post was about FAMILY FRIENDLY parking at a shopping plaza and nothing more. In addition to Family Friendly Parking, IKEA also has handicap designated parking sections.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with a senior citizen or handicapped person parking in family friendly spaces. Being pregnant, having children, toddlers and a family…those are ALL BLESSINGS and NOT handicaps. Not sure why you feel the need to compare these items to handicaps, I sure didn’t. All I did was point out that IKEA’s Family Friendly Parking is being abused.

    I’m a kind person and would offer help if I noticed a struggling senior (or anyone struggling for that matter). Your insults are disgusting and unwelcome. Move along…

  3. MJ

    It really breaks my heart seeing these signs at my grocery story and IKEA – it is always the best spots and 9 times out of 10 they are not all occupied. So, yes, I do take them. If there is only one spot, i will pass it up because (despite the rest of my post) I’m not really an awful person all the time. But if there is more than one, I help myself, thank you.

    I take them because we have been trying to have a baby for 3.5 years, and I don’t think that people without children should be relegated to the back of the parking lot because of their familial status. I don’t think I “deserve” the spot, but I don’t think families deserve them, either. If it’s open, I take it. If a mom gets mad at me, I would be more than happy to explain why her kids have zero impact on where I should be allowed to park.

    Another common argument I would like to reiterate is that this is a fairly new occurrence. Somehow my parents managed just fine without special privileges for being fertile. Everyone knows having kids is work – and your fellow shoppers certainly don’t owe you anything for it. Nearly everyone could come up with a good reason to “deserve” a good spot – I don’t think it’s our place to decide who is more or less deserving (outside of those who are disabled).

    Finally, I think that stores that *cater* to families / expectant mothers should have a little more leeway – that’s their target demographic, and sure they want their store to be super-accessible to those people. It just rubs me when my daily life is deemed ‘less important’ because my womb was and is empty.

    Extra-super finally, I did have a handicapped tag for about 6 months when my leg got trashed, so I know and understand the value of having a parking spot close to the store… when you are in pain and every step is pure agony. When my tag expired, my husband wanted me to renew it because I was still in pain and still using crutches or a cane. I declined because I had personally experienced that line where the parking spot went from *necessary* to just a nice perk of being miserable. I felt that I could tough it out, where other disabled people might be relying on that spot. Big difference.

  4. This is very heartfelt and I can absolutley see why these family friendly signs could be hurtful. I appreciate your comments, definitely sheds a new light on the subject. Thank you for opening my eyes, this makes me wish that the signs would be removed and just be considered open parking for everyone.

  5. MJ

    Thanks for understanding. Honestly, I never batted an eye at them before our diagnosis, and now I constantly have to tell myself that vandalism is illegal and an immature and inappropriate reaction, hahaha.

    The one good argument that I’ve heard for them is that having kids not have to walk so far in the parking lot is safer (people backing out of spots), I just don’t think there are any numbers around that – or anecdotal evidence. If they wanted them to be safer, I would submit that they should put them against the building and make them wider – easier access and so families wouldn’t need to cross any roads or walk behind any cars. Maybe call them ‘Safe parking for families with kids’ or something that puts more emphasis on the reason for having them.

  6. Em Arde

    I went to Ikea today. I saw the parking spots reserved for families and expectant mothers. I knew the signs meant the spots were supposed to be left for people with kids, or pregnant and expecting kids. But I was offended. My wife and I, child-free, are a family, thank you very much. The implication that you cannot be a family unless you have or are expecting children is discriminatory and insulting and offensive. Shame on Ikea.

  7. Me

    What is wrong with you people? The parking lot is a private property and if IKEA wants only families parking in those spots then they have the right to decide that.

    Me, me, me. Why can’t I have this too? Why can’t I be special? Get over yourself or go to a different store.

    Don’t you realize that the spots are there with space to open doors to help parents take kids out of the cars? I hope all parents park next to you and because they don’t have enough room and dent your doors terribly. If I see you park there I will shame you on social media and put peanut butter on your windshield every time.

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