Toddlers, Tantrums & Take Out

Outback Curbside

I have said this in previous blogs, but I am going to say it again. Parents of babies that are not yet mobile…take advantage of it! Go to restaurants and enjoy life while your baby is still a baby. Once you have a toddler on your hands, you just never know what you’re going to get when you sit down to eat in public!

At a recent outing, my husband and I decided it’s just not worth the stress to go to restaurants with our son at this stage. We have decided if we want to enjoy restaurant food, we will order take out and trust me when I tell you we have come to know our local options very well (Outback Steakhouse, Nona Sushi & Tijuana Flats)!

TantrumThe problem is this, once children hit the toddler stage they HATE being confined. They experience freedom and expect it all the time. My son prefers to eat his food then get out of his high chair and explore! That is the norm for him at home so he gets very confused why he cannot do the same when we are in public.

At his 18 month appointment, the pediatrician basically told me that Terrible Two’s start now! Oh boy and the fun begins already! I have witnessed a few tantrums (and they are not pretty) so I can only imagine what I am in for!

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5 Thoughts to “Toddlers, Tantrums & Take Out”

  1. Briana

    LOL!!! It’s rough, isn’t it? I can’t remember the last time we went out to eat in a restaurant. It’s been quite a while! Oh, and if you think the Terrible Twos are bad, just wait until he turns 3! Sheesh, it’s like Ava is a miniature teenager! While she is great fun and says some of the cutest, funniest things, she can also be a huge pain in the rear! I’m hoping 4 is better!

  2. Iris

    I just have to sit here and laugh. I remember those days very well. Two is nothing, wait for 13 or 15, that’s when the real fun begins. Oh then there’s 18 when you see them do the dummest things, and when you try to correct them they remind you that you have no power over them because they’re adults. ADULTS LOL Whatever! Ah, our children, we don’t necessarily have to like them, but we do have to love them. :O) Good luck with your journey…

  3. Beth

    Yeah, my son just turned 15 months and it seems like he is really changing all of a sudden. We actually just got back from Orlando on Monday (I bravely flew down solo with the little monkey on my lap) and daddy was with us on the way home but of course he slept for daddy the whole time. Anyway, we ate out a lot more on vacation than usual and it was very difficult for me to enjoy my meals..first I would hurry to feed him and then of course like you said, when he was done he was worse because he was bored!

    To make matters worse, after months of me trying to teach him to wave, he decides to give his first wave to our waitress who was dressed like a beer wench (on halloween)! Then he tried to grab a silver ring hanging from her waist with a devilish grin..At least the waitress thanked him for letting her be “his first hello.”

    Ahhhh, the joys of motherhood..

  4. Oh no Briana, sounds like I’m in for a rough couple of years then. Can’t they just stay sweet little babies forever! 🙂

  5. Mindy

    There is nothing more stressful than going out with our two little ones. Even when they were babies..I was a nervous wreck. As they have gotten older we have tried a few things that seem to help out. First…we go to a place that is very loud and full of kids, something like an On the Border or Chili’s. Second…we order as SOON as we sit down. Most of the time I have already researched the menu online so we can order right away. We ask the kids food come out first. When our food comes out, we ask for a to-go box and the check just to be safe. I have also gone to the dollar store and purchased little toys and books to keep in my bag of tricks so I can try to distract them. I also recommend going to places that have welcome food such as chips and salsa or bread. Kids are hungry and they DON’T want to wait. And I think my biggest piece of advice about going out to eat…go at lunchtime! The prices are cheaper and the crowds are definitely smaller. Dinnertime is close to bedtime and kids need to be in their normal routine so they fall asleep. Or at least that is how my two scheduled toddlers are.

    However…if all this still scares family has about 10 takeout menus and that is our norm. We make the kids their food most of the time and as soon as they are asleep…the hubby heads out. We enjoy food that I don’t have to cook with the little ones fast asleep. Throw in a bottle of wine…and its date night!!!

    I am right there with you Jessica….going out takes on a WHOLE new meaning with kids!!!

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