10 Useless Baby Products

There are so many baby products on the market and a new mom can quickly become confused about what to purchase. Here is a list of 10 items I wish I didn’t waste money on.

  1. Prince Lionheart Crib Rail Teether: My son quickly learned how to take these off so he could bite the railing anyway. I purchased 3 sets to cover his the entire crib and they were a complete waste of money!
  2. Skip Hop Toolbox Diaper Caddy: I am a freak about changing diapers in my son’s room and keeping the mess in one area, so this product was useless to me. I liked the modern design of the caddy, but in my opinion it isn’t worth the hype.
  3. Halo SleepSack Cotton Swaddler: My son hated these swaddlers and I wish I never would have put them on my registry. A good swaddle with a receiving blanket was the preferred swaddling method in our home for the first 3 months (and much more economical considering the quantity of blankets we received as gifts).
  4. Color Change Duck for Bath Water Temperature: The word HOT always seems to be indicated. Very cute, but not a practical way to gauge whether the water is too hot for baby. Use your hand or elbow and save the money.
  5. Crib bedding sets: What was I thinking registering for bedding that cost almost $200? Seriously, my son didn’t even sleep in his crib until he was 3 months old, then the second he began rolling over the crib bumper was a suffocation hazard and came out. Also, we never used the quilt so it was a complete waste. Parents, instead purchase a really cute fitted sheet and dust ruffle. Also, check out the new breathable crib bumpers that are much safer and will prevent your child from getting his or her legs stuck in the crib openings
  6. Baby Powder: Who doesn’t love the smell of baby powder? My husband and I learned in a Parenting class not to use it because it poses a risk if inhaled by an infant. Talc is a key ingredient in baby powders and it can be harmful if inhaled. Ever notice what all those fancy gift baskets contain…you guessed it, baby powder that should never be used!
  7. Wrist Rattles: Even though these are super adorable, my son scratched his face with the velcro fastener. If you do receive or purchase these, be very careful with them.
  8. Fancy Burp Clothes: Let’s face it, despite how cute these designer burp clothes are, they are still used to clean spit up and spills! I received several designer sets of burp clothes and didn’t feel comfortable using them because they were too “pretty”. My favorite burp clothes were good old fashion cloth diapers (very soft, absorbent and affordable)!
  9. Baby Bath Robe: We purchased my son an infant bath robe and it was a complete waste of money since it didn’t even cover his legs. Instead, opt for a nice warm hooded towel and keep your baby snugly warm after a bath. Now my son is a toddler and the best bath wraps (economical and quality wise) have been purchased at Kohl’s (thanks to a tip from another mother). I found mine on sale for $9.99 (note, the are located in the towel section).
  10. Baby Bath Tub: We purchased a baby bath tub and my son absolutely hated it (and so did we). Thankfully, another mom told us about an inexpensive baby bath sling that worked perfectly until he could sit up on his own. You just place it inside your tub and fill the water a few inches. There are no worries about dumping water and making a mess since you just pull the plug on your own tub. This would have been perfect when we first brought him home for sponge baths (instead we laid towels down on our counter). The mesh is machine washable which is a big plus.

Keep in mind, I am basing my opinion on my personal experience with these particular products. Other parents may actually disagree with my thoughts. Please also take a look at my recommended Top 10 Baby Products for Baby and Mom.

Are there products you consider a waste of money that should be added to this list? If so, let other moms know by leaving a comment.

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6 Thoughts to “10 Useless Baby Products”

  1. Erin

    great list.
    I laugh at myself when I think about all the things I thought I would need when I was pregnant. Now I’m thinking about adding to the family and all I am dead-set against buying a ton of baby stuff! I’m trying to think of things that can multi-purpose (like a bumbo chair with a tray for eating)

  2. I disagree with you on the baby bathtub. We loved ours. We set it up in the baby’s bedroom and my husband used it for baths until she didn’t fit in it anymore. He’s a big guy and bending down for the big bathtub was too much for him. The baby bathtub let him get some good times in with our daughter.
    I agree with you on the baby powder though. What a waste! Why did my relatives give me that stuff?? It’s still sitting in the bathroom cabinets 3 1/2 years later.
    I would add Bumbo seat to the list. I got sucked into buying one because the box said it was good for kids up to 3 years old. We got it when our daughter was 14 months and it didn’t last long at all. She was climbing out of it very quickly. Way too expensive for the amount of use we got out of it.

  3. Briana

    I agree with you on a lot of these. Neither of my girls liked being swaddled, so the swaddle me blankets were a waste here as well (and I even bought new ones before we had Audrey). We do, however, love the sleep sacks that I believe Halo makes as well, with the zipper up the front. Ava used those for the longest time when she was too little to sleep with a blanket and now Audrey uses them, too. Both of my girls are tummy sleepers and these work well for that.
    I do agree with you on the crib bedding sets, and even though I knew that before having number 2, I just had to get Audrey an expensive set, too. I tried going the route of just getting crib sheets and a dust ruffle, but I couldn’t do it! I wanted her to have a pretty room like Ava did. Actually, we are still using her crib bumpers, whereas we never used Ava’s. I’m sure they’ll be coming out soon, though.
    Ava also never l iked her baby bathtub, but we bought a new one for Audrey, and she seems to like it much better than Ava ever did. We had a bath seat (I think it’s Safety 1st, it hooks onto the edge of the tub) for Ava once she could sit up by herself. I loved that thing, and so did she! Unfortunately, it got really moldy, so we tossed it, but we’re planning to get another one for Audrey when she’s ready.

  4. I love your list. I would also add wipe warmer to the list. Stupidest invention ever!!

  5. Mary

    i disagree with the swaddle. it was the only way my son would sleep for months! even now, he’s 11 months old and sometimes on rough nights i’ll throw it on him and he’ll be asleep in less than 5 minutes.
    I suggest the woombie and the miracle blanket.
    it’s not that the swaddles don’t work, you just have to have a kid that likes them.
    but i agree with everything else.
    i would also add wipe warmer. warm, wet, tight areas? it’s a bacteria breeding ground. that is until you get to the bottom and find dried out wipes.
    also a bottle warmer. why waste the money when you have a number of (free) ways to heat a bottle?
    1.) put the bottle in a cup of hot water (good for refrigerated bottles.)
    2.) put the formula in a mug, stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds, stir stir stir (dont forget to test it), pour it into the bottle, then shake. with all that stirring and shaking you will not get any hot spots. (also good for refrigerated bottles.)
    3.) make a bottle with powdered formula and warm tap water (this is what we do.)

  6. Jaime

    I agree about the burp cloths – I purchased some baby swaddling blankets at a garage sale, cut them in to smaller squares and hemmed the edges. They worked perfect for spit up and I didn’t feel bad about staining them.

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