A friend of mine recently gave birth to her third baby; however, this time she had a c-section instead of delivering naturally. Hearing about her unplanned experience at Winnie Palmer Hospital brought back a few painful memories! In a previous post, I mentioned how my birth experience was not at all as I thought it would be. My excitement quickly turned into a stressful ordeal once the decision was made for an emergency c-section.

In my opinion, the worst part was when I was taken to the recovery room. My nurse was the size of a tooth pick; however, she was as strong as an ox! While I was lying there trying to comprehend what just happened and wondering what was going on with my newborn son, my nurse began performing a fundal massage (kneading and pushing down on my tender abdomen with all her might)! Even though my epidural was still intact and working, this brought tears to my eyes and made me groan! She had to repeat the massage (more like punches) several times and would warn me before performing it so I could brace myself. I was white knuckling and gritting my teeth so hard that I thought they’d break. This was far more painful than any contraction I felt prior to my epidural! Didn’t she realize I had 16 staples across my stomach and internal stitches as well?

Upon further research, I have realized a fundal massage is an important step for helping a woman’s uterus contract and shrink back to normal size after a c-section. I’m not going into further details since I’m sure the thought is grossing out some readers. Like I mentioned, this is extremely painful and many sites recommend that a pregnant mom learn how to perform this function on her own since she can be less vigorous and get the exact same results!

If you had a c-section, did you experience a fundal massage? Was it extremely uncomfortable for you? If you are pregnant, make sure to ask your doctor about this so you know what to expect.

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4 Thoughts to “Flashback”

  1. Erin

    I never had fundal massage! I had a c-section after an unsuccessful induction. With gestational diabetes, it’s best if the baby comes 2 weeks early before your placental blood supply is jeopardized. I was very lucky in that my dr’s office nurse was also the founder of the doula program at the hospital. I had appointments twice a week for the last 8 weeks or so and we got to be good friends. She needed to keep her doula certification, so she offered her services to me for free. She helped with the decision making process (after the induction failed) and made sure to get my baby right up to my breast as soon as they finished stapling me up and wheeled me into the recovery room.

  2. Marie Byrd

    Ugh yes!! With all three of mine!! I was like What the Hell?! I was just stiched up and now your gonna make it rip open! LOL. And they also gave me pitocin after my last two so contractions would then follow. Pure torture I tell ya, but they are oh so worth it!

  3. Jennifer

    They never did a fundal massage after my c-section. They came by and would check my stomach, but never massaged it. I guess I got lucky. It sounds horrible.

  4. Joyce

    I had an emergency C-section and boy howdy did they massage my stomach! I asked them to stop but the nurse said she had to do this to shrink my uterus. It hurt like the dickens when she did it right after I got into my room after giving birth.

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