Locked Out

deadboltA friend updated her Facebook status that she had a freak out moment because she thought she had locked herself and 2 daughters out of their home. This reminded me of a scary experience I had a few years ago. I took my golden retriever for an evening stroll so she could stretch out her legs and get some fresh air. We had a nice walk in our new community and couldn’t wait to get inside and cool off from the Florida heat. I put my key in the door and it would not turn. I thought I must be losing my mind or something and kept trying to turn the key. I was terrified I was going to break it off because of the force I was using. Needless to say, the dead bolt would not budge.

My husband and I had only lived in our newly constructed home for a few months when this incident occurred. Our street was pretty much empty since homes were still under construction. Also, there were no street lights yet which meant if I didn’t figure out my situation quickly, I was going to be in total darkness with only the sound of buzzing mosquitos.

Of course this would happen when my husband was on a business trip. I found it amusing that when I called him, he asked “are you sure you have the right key”. Well, let’s see…we only have one key to our home and it’s the same damn key I used to lock the door when I left for the walk. He obviously couldn’t help me so I ended the conversation to preserve my battery. I knew I could walk up to our 24 hour guard gate and ask for help, but I really didn’t feel like walking another mile. Instead, I called my customer service representative since she had been there every step of the way throughout our purchasing experience. I knew she also lived in my neighborhood and was hoping she could just give me a few locksmith telephone numbers. She did more than that, she printed off a list and was at my home within 5 minutes.

The locksmith had to drill my door open because the dead bolt was indeed broken. The entire ordeal took several hours, I didn’t get inside until after Taylor Hicks was named the Season 5 American Idol! I was crushed, all I wanted to do was watch the Idol finale and didn’t even get a chance to do that!

The moral of the story is, never leave home without a cell phone because you never know when something bizarre may happen to you!

Do you have a crazy story like this? Ever been in a situation where your cell phone came to the rescue? I’d love to hear about it!
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  1. Briana

    Ha, ha! Glad I could inspire your blog today! I am so thankful that my keys were in the garage because I did not have my cell phone on me! Luckily, my neighbor friend had just come home, so we could have gone to her house for a while until Jason could make it home. Scary, though!

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