Baby’s First Accident

My son is in the cruising stage but very close to walking on his own. He recently discovered an empty box is the perfect homemade walker and has been pushing it all over our home. Living in Florida, most of our flooring is ceramic tile with the exception of the bedrooms. Anyway, the next thing I heard was the most piercing cry and I knew immediately there was something wrong. I was making dinner only a couple of feet away from him and realized he had wiped out and was lying face down on the tile.

BearI rushed over and took a deep breath. I am very queasy when it comes to blood and the thought of my little guy hurting just made me uneasy. I pulled myself together and scooped him up. I quickly realized there was blood pouring out of his chin area. I immediately grabbed a paper towel and started applying pressure while he screamed out of control. My hands were shaking uncontrollably and heart was racing. The wound just kept bleeding and I was worried he may need stitches. After several minutes, I was able to get the bleeding under control and put him in his high chair so I could assess the damage. While he happily ate some finger foods, I realized he was going to be just fine (and so was I).

I’m sure this is the first of many bumps, bruises and scrapes he will get so hopefully I will toughen up. Not sure why I am such a wimp when it comes to blood, but it makes me appreciate nurses and doctors so much more!

Any advice on how I can relax a little about injuries? I don’t want to freak out and cause him to react the same way.

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6 Thoughts to “Baby’s First Accident”

  1. Oh man. That’s a tough one. I think it just takes a few bumps and bruises to get used to it. When my oldest got his first goose egg I was a complete mess. Over time I freaked out a little less. Now when my younger son takes a spill it’s like triage…pick him up, wipe off the blood, figure out what really happened, apply ice pack/Bactine/band-aid.

  2. Joyce

    I think is just takes time and being the mom of a boy you’ll toughen up much quicker than you thought possible. This year living with an inground pool I was very proud of myself for not freaking out when my 4 year old fell in the other day. I just went over scooped him out and had to calm him down. Now I’m not so sure I’ll be as collected when my 18 month falls in. Notice I say when not if?!

  3. In time, bumps will get easier. Try to remind yourself that if they are screaming and raising hell, it’s a good sign in the realm of serious injuries. It’s when they can’t even cry are the most serious. Of course, this rule doesn’t ALWAYS apply but in the majority of childhood bumps and bruises, it is the case and the sound of the cry after the accident can be a source of comfort for mom. If that makes sense, at all. It sounds a bit twisted but isn’t meant that way.

    I force myself not to gasp or react when my kids fall down and get hurt. It’s difficult but practice makes perfect! It has helped in the reactions my children give to their little minor accidents. If they see I’m not reacting, they often realize, “yeah, I’m ok” and keep on trucking.

  4. UGH. Head wounds are the worst. We had one a week ago here. You did good.

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