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Naming a baby is one of the most difficult tasks ever since it will be with a person forever. My birth name is not my current name and I didn’t go through the legal process to have it changed. On my birthday, my mom didn’t have a name picked out so my aunt came up with one that combined my two grandmothers’ names (and my mother with her medicated mind agreed to it). The name was Laura May and thank God my dad put his foot down. Long story short, my incorrect name was printed in the local newspaper, but my birth certificate was edited to Jessica Nicole before my parents signed it.

Sorry for the long introduction, but it actually supports the point I am trying to make. Naming a baby is the responsibility of parents and others should keep their opinions to themselves. I still cannot believe the responses I received after mentioning names that were in the running for my son. Some people actually gave me a list of new names to consider, what is up with that? Others didn’t have to verbally respond, their facial expressions showed their true feelings. One person actually came to me and said God spoke to her and said “the baby shall be called Joseph”. I told her that perhaps she was destined to have another baby because my son would be named Cameron.

BabyNames_NameTagSeveral of my friends kept their baby names locked away until their little one made his or her appearance. I thought this was a silly practice until I was pregnant. These secretive parents are actually geniuses because they didn’t have to listen to any feedback or second guess their choice.

Did you share your baby’s name prior to birth or did you keep it a secret? Did you have a name picked out and then change your mind because of someone’s response? I look forward to reading your comments!

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16 Thoughts to “Baby Names”

  1. Sarahscy

    I so understand because both my girls have unusual names. When I was pregnant with Addy, people would ask if I was going to name her “Paris” because her sister’s name was London. I wasn’t amused. Then, once Addison was born, all I heard was, “Oh, you must be a Grey’s Anatomy addict!” Um, no.
    Since you mentioned how names can change…we went through that with London. We called her “Hayley” until I was 8 months pregnant. I still like the name, but we wore it out…everything was “Hayley this and Hayley that.” I just couldn’t bear to say it any more, so we changed it. I’m glad we did, because London doesn’t look like a Hayley!!
    Love your blog, Jess!! 🙂

  2. Michele

    OMG! Another hilarious post. I laughed out loud when I got to the part about the co-worker telling you God told her “the baby shall be named Joseph.” Keep ’em coming.

  3. With baby 2 and 3 we knew the sex and didnt tell the name. I hated when you would tell someone the name and they would do this fake smiley thing and go…”oooh thats a nice name” or some weren’t as nice and would just said “I hate that name!” (thanks that just took me 8 months to come up with..) I find once the baby is here no one can say a darn thing about the name.
    With all three of my kids they basically picked their names by giving me strong signs what their names should be, songs, tv characters, etc.

  4. Marie Byrd

    Love this one! With all three kids I had their names picked out before I met them. Jeff’s grandparents hated Izzie’s name but you wouldn’t know it now. They even threatened to call her something different, but they came around!

  5. My husband and I didn’t tell anyone our children’s names after we had the first. Family members are the worst. “Why are you going to name the baby that?” Well it is my belly and anything in it belongs to me.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  6. Melissa

    We are welcoming a little girl in 6-7 weeks and haven’t told a single person any of the names that are in the running. We aren’t interested in anyone’s opinion or reaction. They all had the chance to name their babies, so they can shut their pie holes!

  7. We shared our names both times – we named both of our kids after their grandparents. But with our son we didn’t share his nickname – in fact, we hadn’t narrowed it down until after he was home for a few weeks. So now Alexander answers to Alexei (my pick), Olus (his Polish grandparents’ preference – sounds like OH loosh), Alex (the default for Alexander, I suppose) and Aly – what he ended up calling himself.

    I must say, Aly suits him best.

    But with our daughter, we figured out in advance that we planned to call her Clio, and that’s the only name we give unless there’s a reason to share her full name.

    I’m kind of glad we shared our names in advance – if Clio had been a boy, I’d have inadvertently taken my sister’s #1 pick for a son! (I’m not saying I wouldn’t have. I’m just saying I wouldn’t have wanted her to find out the day he was born.)

  8. Jennifer

    We had a difficult time deciding on a name. I wanted Addison and my husband didn’t know what he wanted. He kept telling me that he thought of Addison as a boy’s name. He had certain rules: it has to be a girl name, not a name that could be mistaken for a boy’s name and it couldn’t be spelled weird. We finally settled on Megan Sian. I love the name Sian (think Sian Phillips). After several months, my husband and I were walking around a Michael’s looking for letters to hang on the wall in her nursery. He turns to me and says that now he likes the name Addison. Well that’s just GREAT! I’ve been calling my unborn child Megan and so I can’t change her name now. We decided to change her middle name to Addison, so now we have Megan Addison. We didn’t tell anyone until our babyshower. We turned it into a game and made people guess. It was great when my husband’s mother yelled out that she hated the name Megan just before we announced that that was her name. Lovely!

  9. Briana

    We shared both Ava and Audrey’s names well before they were born also. We never got any negative comments. However, we were considering the name Annora, or should I say “I” was considering the name. Jason didn’t like it and thought it sounded too much like “annoying”. When I asked others what they thought of the name, I got funny looks. So, Audrey it is, which I love, but I still think Annora is pretty.

  10. Jessica V

    I am one of those who kept my daughter’s name tight to my chest throughout my pregnancy. We did not even tell our parents. Our reasoning was simply that, since we found out we were having a girl, something had to be a surprise. Receiving no commentary on the name beforehand was an added bonus. Everyone found out together that her name is Madeline. I will do the same thing again if we have number 2, without question. However, I must admit, one of my best friends had a girl a month before we did. They also chose to keep the name a secret. I was terrified we chose the same name. We didn’t. Though I did find out later that Madeline was on their short list…

  11. Ha! I just posted on names twice – once with the Name Game and once about people commenting on our potential names for this baby due in January! We told with our first two but after the small leak the other day I think we are keeping this girls name mum!

  12. Liz

    Just found this blog….
    We have 3 girls & we knew beforehand that all were girls, yet DH would not discuss names until after the girls were born! They all had pre-birth nicknames – LOL – “Eli” was OK for #1, but Grandma was terrified that we’d keep “Xena” for for #2. It took us so long to settle on a name for #3 that I called her “Tiger” until she was about 4 months old & was given a funny look in a grocery store.

  13. My husband and I had baby names picked out long before we even had our girls. We kept the names secret in hopes that one day we’d use them! We are fortunate to have two girls, Maggie and Molly. With each pregnancy, as soon as we found out we were having a girl, we shared the name. We made sure everyone knew that it was not up for discussion…and surprisingly, everyone respected that. (There’s always one in every family who feels the need to speak up, isn’t there?)

  14. I know you wrote this entry a really long time ago, but I love your blog and sometimes I go back and read old posts (I promise I am not a stalker. Well, maybe a blog stalker, but you don’t have to worry about me ever showing up at your front door or anything). I really hated when I was pregnant with my first son, and people chimed in on his name. I don’t know why anyone would think they had the right to name a baby they took no part in making. lol Of course, after threatening to bring out my switchblade on the next person with an opinion about it, everyone zipped their lips, Yep, I was an evil pregnant mama.

    I love that someone actually had a revelation about what your baby should be named!

  15. The baby shall be called Joseph – ha that is the best!!!

  16. @Jennifer – Obviously that person was a complete whack, like I was going to name my child something based on her dream. I couldn’t stand her anyway, so obviously her suggestion was tossed out the window (not that Joseph was a bad name though). 🙂 Again, naming a child is so difficult, it would help if people would keep their opinions to themselves. I recall a relative telling me Jackson was a great name and my pregnant response was “great, then have another child so you can name him that”. LOL!

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