eBay Disappointment

Yummie TummieThe other day, I purchased a brand new Yummie Tummie t-shirt from a seller with 100% feedback via eBay. I was so excited because the entire transaction cost $19.99 (versus paying the retail price of $76).  Yesterday, my package arrived and I couldn’t wait to see my prize! While inspecting the shirt, I quickly noticed 2 small holes in the fabric near the back label.

This is such a disappointment because I would never list an item for sale if it was defective. This has been happening frequently when I buy items on eBay, so I think I’m just going to stop taking chances. I am so anal about my listing descriptions. I would never post an item without thoroughly inspecting it first. I have returned merchandise to stores instead of listing on eBay because of small spots or scratches. I would never jeopardize my feedback by taking such a risk!

I plan on contacting the seller to let them know how disappointed I am with the product. They should have disclosed that the merchandise was damaged. I will give the seller a chance to make this right by letting me return the merchandise for a full refund, including return shipping costs. If that doesn’t happen, I guess I’m screwed! The problem with eBay is, if I leave negative feedback then the seller will retaliate and say something nasty about me (which is absurd). Basically, it’s just not worth the hassel because I don’t want my feedback to be diminished because of a non-trustworthy seller.

Have you had any problems with an eBay transaction? Was it resolved to your satisfaction?

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4 Thoughts to “eBay Disappointment”

  1. Sarahscy

    Been there, girl. I once bought a pair of new-in-box, last-season Manolo Blahniks off eBay, and I never buy shoes off the internet….they were really beautiful though…baby pink python. I was so excited to get them, and they were defective….the shoes were actually different colors….one was pink and one was more of a peach color. Thankfully, I got my money back, but I know a lot of people aren’t so lucky. Good luck!!

  2. Thanks! Good to hear you received a refund (I just couldn’t imagine)! I am going to give the seller the benefit of the doubt until I hear back from her. Like I said, she has 100% feedback so I’m hoping I’ll be able to work with her. If not, I’m only out $20.

  3. I think sellers are getting lazier about inspecting their own items. More and more I’ve had to contact sellers about flaws or damage. Every time the seller has been willing to make up for it in some way, but it is still frustrating.

  4. The seller refunded a portion of the cost (she also gave me the option of receiving a replacement shirt). I am VERY happy with my Yummie Tummie product, it is light weight and very comfortable.

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