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About a month ago, I conducted a poll “Which Diapers Are Best For Preventing Leaks” to solicit input about diaper experiences. It was then I learned about Pampers Cruisers with Ultra Absorbency, which is a newer product that claims to absorb nonstop for up to 12 hours. I have had success with Pampers Cruisers, so I decided to shell out the extra money to give these a try. I purchased an enormous box at BJ’s Wholesale Club and have used them faithfully for two weeks. They work great during the day, but I am very disappointed with this product as an overnight diaper. My son is still waking up with his pajamas and bed soaking wet. I have not tried the Pampers Baby Dry diapers because I don’t want to waste my money on another diaper that may end up disappointing me.

huggies-overnitesFor my son, the best overnight protection is indeed Huggies Overnites. Prior to trying these diapers, I contacted Huggies to see if they would provide free samples. They do not have samples; however, I did receive several $3 off coupons. Unless diaper companies want to send me samples or coupons, I am going to stick with what has proven successful for us. Why mess with perfection?

If you haven’t already voted on my diaper poll, please visit the survey. Also, I’d love to hear your comments on diapers that work or do not work for your babies.

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6 Thoughts to “Best Sleep Diapers”

  1. Right now, I’m not to happy with Huggies. My twins are always having leaks and I change them constantly. Someone told me if you call Huggies, they will send you a new pack of diapers. I think I might do this.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. Nat

    Waking up to wet pajamas and soaking wet bed is the worse, I hate when that happens. I work for Pampers and up until a few months ago also had 2 LO in diapers, believe me I know how frustrating that is. You should try moving up a size, they are not much bigger but they are more absorbent; that usually works for night time, at least for my kids. Let us know how that works. thx, Nat

  3. My son weighs 23 lbs, so I thought I’d be fine in size 4 diapers. Needless to say, this past week has not been pleasant. We have had wet pajamas 4 out of 5 days with Huggies Overnites. I feel helpless at this point.

    I will definitely go up to a size 5 for night time. Perhaps I will give Pampers another try! Thanks Nat!

  4. My daughter is 1 month and 3 weeks old. We use small size Huggies. As of now, im happy with the quality of this diaper. We didn’t experience having wet pajamas. If time will come that I will notice some leaking , I will let you know.

    May I add you in my friend lists?

  5. Absolutely, you can definitely add The Unemployed Mom to your blog friend list. Good luck with the diapers, my son is still having wet pajama issues.

  6. I went up to a size 5 in Huggies Overnites and have had great success with them! is having a terrific sale on them too! If you’ve never purchased from, here is a coupon code to save $10 off your first order!

    Coupon code: JKIR5324

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