The Ultimate Sacrifice

Oh, the sacrifices a mother makes…I gave up my NBA finals tickets so I could be home with my sleeping baby! My original plan was to take him so he could also experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. When reality hit me, I knew he would be completely miserable and freaked out from all the noise. I just couldn’t do that to him or myself!

I think this is 100 times worse than the post-pregnancy body he left me with! This is the ultimate sacrifice!

I’d have a few beers and drown myself in self pity; however, I am only on day 9 of my 30 Day Shred Challenge and I don’t want to blow it! Instead, I’ll enjoy the game curled up in my pajamas with a warm golden retriever by my side!

I hope my husband and his buddy have a blast!

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One Thought to “The Ultimate Sacrifice”

  1. Don’t underestimate the soothing sounds of a rabid crowd cheering for the home team. We took the youngest to a hockey game when he was just a few months old. He LOVED it. He tracked the players, didn’t jump at all at the noise…even slept through multiple goal sirens. That kid still loves hockey! Funny, he never hears me call his name though…

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