Obsessed With Route 11 Chips

dill-pickle-chipsToday, we went to World Market so I could purchase ethnic foods and to our surprise we found Route 11 Potato Chips. Being from Northern Virginia, we have grown to love these chips. My Mother-In-Law sends us chips for Christmas and we always look forward to receiving the crispy, delicious goodness. We also make it a requirement that if family visits from Virginia, they MUST bring Route 11 chips (and Virginia wine of course)!

My husband insisted that we purchase a bag and I gave in. Despite the fact I have been on Weight Watchers for a week as well as doing the 30 Day Shred program, I decided I have the will power and can say no! We ended up purchasing one bag of Dill Pickle chips which was opened the second we arrived home. So far, I have only had 5 chips but trust me when I tell you they have consumed my thoughts! I am trying to enjoy game 2 of the NBA finals and cannot even focus on the game, all I see is chips dancing in my head! Get out of my mind!

I have already warned my husband that if he doesn’t finish the entire bag tonight, then he MUST lock it up in his wine cabinet so I am not tempted to stuff my face tomorrow! The lesson I have learned is to get the delicious, fat filled food out of your home when you are trying to diet! My mouth is watering just thinking about those scrumptious chips!!!

Have you ever had Route 11 chips? What is your favorite flavor? If you have never tried these chips, I highly encourage you to order some online or find a local store that sells them. If you do not have a World Market close by, you can always check Cracker Barrel.

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8 Thoughts to “Obsessed With Route 11 Chips”

  1. Briana

    When I crave junk food, I don’t crave chips or anything salty. I’m a sweets girl! I have the biggest sweet tooth imaginable! I love cookies and ice cream the most! No particular brand, any cookie or brand of ice cream will do. O.k., off to find a sweet treat to eat!

  2. Erica

    Wait… Why didn’t i know that world Market had them? I’ve been craving them since october!

  3. Briana, do you know what goes perfectly with sweets? SALTY Route 11 potato chips. 🙂

    Erica, I think World Market just started carrying them. I almost screamed when I saw the display!!

  4. wendy

    I like the dill myself

  5. Ok, I’ve never had Route 11 chips, but you made me hungry reading your description of them. I need to head over to World Market.

  6. I am happy to report that I only had 5 of those delicious Dill Pickle chips! I made my husband take them to work the next day (out of sight, out of mind)!

    Michele, I am sorry he didn’t share with you!

  7. FYI – Lakeridge Winery in Clermont, Florida also sells Route 11 potato chips! We grabbed a bag of Salt & Vinegar chips today (they were $4.50 per bag….1/2 the price of a bottle of Lakeridge wine)! Expensive, but totally worth it!

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