Confessions From A SAHM

Below are a few of my confessions as a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM):

  1. I am guilty of sometimes placing my son in his Rainforest jumperoo positioned perfectly in front of the television so I can have a few minutes to myself.
  2. There have been days when my son was so fussy that I have emailed my husband at work and begged him to trade places with me. These are the days that I remind myself it is 5:00 somewhere and perhaps a glass of wine wouldn’t be a bad idea.
  3. I wasn’t too sad when my son went on a nursing strike at 9 months. I was completely terrified the piranha was going to bite a chunk out of me!
  4. I do not always use my son’s nap time to get work done. I will admit, there are days I spend the two hour chunk of time in my pool or surfing the net.
  5. I have answered the door in my pajamas on more than one occasion in the late afternoon hours.
  6. I sometimes leave the “Do Not Ring Doorbell, Baby is Sleeping” sign on my door all day long so neighbors will leave me alone.
  7. I am guilty of screening calls and then using some sort of baby related excuse when I call the person back.
  8. I only wash my hair twice per week (but I do shower every day). It takes me an hour to dry and style my hair and I cannot be high maintenance with a toddler. Baby powder works wonders for greasy hair!
  9. There are days that I really get bored with staying at home. We downsized to one car after my layoff and I literally have no transportation during the day. My errands are run on the weekends or in the evenings. My husband doesn’t understand why I get so excited about going to the grocery store and leaving him on baby duty.
  10. I get jealous when my husband calls on his lunch break and tells me where he is eating. There are some days that I don’t even eat lunch because the baby has me preoccupied. Perhaps that is why take out is always so appealing for dinner?

What confessions do you have as a Stay At Home Mom?

Thanks for dropping by The Unemployed Mom! I’m sure I’ll have future confession blogs as my son grows older.

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3 Thoughts to “Confessions From A SAHM”

  1. Briana

    Ha, ha! These are funny! I am also guilty of doing nothing during nap time except vegging! My excuse is that Ava is a light sleeper, so all must be quiet! How do you deal with only having one car?!?!?!? What if you had an emergency? I would die if we couldn’t get out of the house! Going to the mall or Target is my saving grace some days!

  2. Oh trust me Briana, there are some days I feel like packing Cameron in his bugaboo and walking to Publix (it’s about 3 miles from us)! Thankfully, my hubby is only 20 minutes away if I’d ever need him.

  3. Sarahscy

    Hey Jess – I have done about 90% of these, as well as many other things that I’m not quite ready to admit! Ha ha! Regarding the first one….I used to leave Addy in the bouncer in front of the TV for as long as an hour so that I could get a shower (or whatever). I used to feel kinda bad about it, but there was an ancillary benefit that I wasn’t expecting….she has become self-entertaining (something that my 4 year old is not.) It’s a great trait for a child to develop, so don’t beat yourself up! 🙂
    Love your blog!!

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