Comfortable Heels that Feel Like a Tennis Shoe

It is so difficult to find a shoe that is comfortable yet still very attractive. That is until now…thank you Cole Haan Nike Air Technology! These shoes carry a hefty price tag; however, I can attest to how long they last! Oprah has even endorsed Cole Haan Air Technology heels on her show as well as in her magazine. You know you’ve made it when Oprah promotes your product (her cult following will run immediately out to buy what she has suggested).

The only loafer, sandal or dress shoe I wear is the Cole Haan Nike Air Technology brand. I promise you, I did not purchase my first pair of Cole Haan’s because Oprah claimed they were painproof. I conducted a lot of research when I was diagnosed with chondromalacia (aka Runner’s Knee) because my dr. wanted me to primarily wear tennis shoes. There was no way I was going to sacrifice style and I was determined to find a product that would work, which is when I stumbled into the Cole Haan Outlet at the Orlando Premium Outlets. That day, I made my first purchase (I believe I paid around $100 for my shoes) and since then, I have been hooked.

My biggest challenge for finding stylish yet comfy shoes was during my pregnancy. It was a sad day when my OBGYN told me I had to stop wearing heels.  I returned to the Cole Haan outlet and found the most comfortable black shoes that could be worn casually with jeans or dressed up. I wore them almost every single day (until I became so swollen in the last month and preferred to wear nothing at all).  Again, I paid around $100 for the shoes (outlet price), but retail was $255.

This past weekend, I visited the Cole Haan outlet and found a great pair of Nike Air Technology black sandals for $80! The entire store was 50% off, so I was very excited about my comfortable bargain shoes! If you see something you love there, be patient…it will eventually go on sale. 

When you think about it, the marriage between Nike and Cole Haan is just genius! Combining the comfort of a sports shoe with the sexiness of a heel just makes total sense. A mom should not have to sacrifice her style just because she is pregnant or chasing around a little one. Good news for men, Cole Haan has a huge line of Nike Air Technology sandals and loafers for you too (my husband has several pairs and he finds them to be extremely comfortable).

Have you ever tried Cole Haan Nike Air Technology shoes? Let me know what brand you swear by in the comments section.

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3 Thoughts to “Comfortable Heels that Feel Like a Tennis Shoe”

  1. Marie Byrd

    I will have to make a trip over there. I NEED to get out of my nike tennis shoes. However I am almost at the so0o0o swollen Im not wearing shoes phase.

  2. Briana

    There is a Cole Haan outlet store in Leesburg, I will have to make a trip and see what I can find. After I had Ava my feet were in the worst shape. I guess the arches had fallen, I’m not really sure. The only brand of shoe that I could wear for the longest time was Dansko. They make very cute sandals, clogs, and eve very comfortable dress shoes! I think they originally started out making the clogs for professionals who are on their feet a lot at work (like doctors and nurses), but they also have a line of very cute shoes as well! They are also somewhat pricey, around $100 – $150 a pair, but well worth it! Here’s the link:

  3. Mindy Sharp

    Ahhhh…Cole Haan shoes…..I love them. I have a pair of black high heel sandals with the Nike technology and I adore them. However, they could really stand to stock larger sizes. I was always a size 10 until my darling daughter entered the world…now I am a size 11 wide. They seem to stock very few large sizes at all. Some styles I am able to squeeze into a 10 but very few are left on the shelves. I have done some research and apparently there are online stores that sell size 11 Cole Haan shoes…however I am a little leery about buying shoes online. Not only are my feet long they are wide and with two small children, I can’t spend my entire day at USPS waiting in line to mail them back if they don’t fit. If you are blessed with petite feet….head to Cole Haan for VERY comfy dress shoes and enjoy. And think of all the pain and suffering your big foot friends are going through!!!

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