Subway Diet or Food Poisoning?

I finally understand how the Subway diet works, the bacterial filled subs make you so ill that you cannot even think about taking another bite of food for days. My bad experience happened on Saturday when I devoured a 12 inch spicy italian sub (not exactly from the low fat menu) from Subway in the Lake Hart Shopping Center in Orlando, Florida. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling pretty nasty, but didn’t put too much thought into it. As Sunday progressed, I kept feeling worse and worse. By 8 pm Sunday night, I was aching from my teeth all the way down to my toes and had the worst stomach pains. I am feeling better today, but still have some body aches and queasiness going on.

To my surprise, I quickly googled “Subway Food Poisoning” and it appears this is pretty common. Gross!

I requested my sub toasted, so I’m thinking the heat killed any bacteria on the meat. Perhaps the toppings are where the bacteria was transferred (who knows how frequently they change out the toppings, the lettuce and tomatoes probably had e. coli and/or salmonella).

The only positive is perhaps this experience will help me shed a few of my unwanted pounds! I’m definitely not interested in eating there ever again. It’s a shame, I have always been a Subway fan until now.

What restaurant made you so ill that you will never step foot into it again? Thanks for stopping by, hopefully The Unemployed Mom will be feeling better tomorrow and will have a more positive topic of discussion.

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2 Thoughts to “Subway Diet or Food Poisoning?”

  1. Marie Byrd

    Waffle House is now in my brain the Awful house. Broke down and ate at one for the first time on a road trip to Texas. Became violently ill!! Everyone on the road trip was sick. So ill we had to get a hotel (we were supposed to be driving straight through). That was 8 years ago and I am still traumatized and have yet to ear at another awful house!

  2. Mindy Sharp

    I am a big fan of Subway and have eaten from several and have never had this problem. I do get mine toasted which might help that fact. I will say though…once you have a bad experience like this, it is very hard to go back. We recently purchased some hot dogs from a restaurant called Martin’s which is a chain here in Atlanta. They are known for their breakfast foods and this was the first time we purchased something other than biscuits. I handed my son the hot dog without looking and he handed it back shortly after saying it was yucky. I looked at it and noticed its lovely shade of grey. I vowed never to return. Then I had company this weekend and they wanted their usual sausage gravy biscuits from Martin’s. I folded and went back. It was great and am glad I gave them another shot. I would definitely contact the manager of the restaurant and let them know what happened. They need to know this information so they can better themselves and throw out the rotten food that made you so sick. Gross..hope you feel better!!!

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